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New Music Monday #15

Low Again by Ked

A sentiment we all know too well, the feeling of being defeated. But this time is written from a different perspective. Ked writes back to a more depressing state of being but somehow has a positive twist to it. His soft voice haunts you throughout the song with a beautiful saxophone carrying you alongside the chorus. A jazz-infused track about allowing yourself to sit in the uncomfortability of sadness, but understanding it's only temporary, “Oh, I’m feeling low again / But now I roll with it better than I did.”

Doorbell by Wilmah

Another catchy, exciting, and bright song from the great Wilmah. Starting off with a guitar strum and moving into an upbeat melody, this makes the perfect feel-good song. After seeing them live I can say this song will make the crowd go wild with its playful lyrics and fun ad-libs added in the second verse. The harmonizing is delightful, leaving a sense of optimistic longing for someone, “I hope you ring my doorbell / Tell me that your life’s been hell / Without my love.”

Cowboy Belt by Levi Roth

An alternative track filled with absorbing instrumentals and lovely storytelling. Roth’s slightly raspy voice pairs well with the quick beat and steady drums. Honesty and vulnerability shine through the lyricism as he takes us through his perspective of a situation. The melody feels nostalgic and is perfect to add to your chill playlist. The songwriting leaves me feeling inquisitive, wanting to know more… wanting to see this cowboy belt. Levi Roth uses his truth and creatively produces something magical, “So I wanna feel / Something if it isn’t too real.”

Don’t Buy Me Roses by Alina Baraz

Self-assured Alina Baraz dropped a track calling out an ex-lover who clearly did her wrong. She pours her heart out but also makes it clear there is no coming back and you can hear it through her emotive vocals. The R&B track has a unique sound and a quick beat that keeps you excited for each verse. Beautiful piano keys begin the song off smoothly and then deeper beats continue throughout as she expresses her emotions poetically, “Needed your rain, you wouldn’t let me grow, I / I’ll let you go.”

How Music Makes You Feel Better by Sofia Kourtesis

Hypnotic and addicting, “How Music Makes You Feel Better” is a great title for a song that explains exactly that without words. The electronic house track contains synths that feel neverending in the best way possible, pulsating beats, and a production that needs no explanation for its greatness. Sofia Kourtesis expresses her love for music through this song. She explains how through every hardship and bump in the road in life, music is forever healing. No matter the genre, sound, meaning, or lyrics, someone will resonate with a song. I think it’s powerful to convey that feeling with limited lyrics and just glistening instrumentals. 

Mean by RAEGAN

Unapologetically candid, RAEGAN writes with a sensual adroitness unafraid to say what she wants. Her voice crawls over your skin and takes control, unable to stop the song from being on replay. Lyrically evocative, the track is far from coy with clever lines and a sick beat to match. A seductive energy throughout that's simultaneously uplifting and haunting, “If it’s detrimental to my health, bring it.”

Hands Tied by Majid Jordan

Melodies that make you feel as if you’re entering into a trance, “Hands Tied” tells a story of the journey of being young and in love. From start to finish the listening experience is one of a kaleidoscopic mix of instrumentals and vocals. A steady beat throughout with an eerie electric guitar as Majid’s vocals float above it all leaving you in a dream-like state. A soothing R&B track just under 6 minutes of listening to vibe to, “I’m feeling your love / Your love / All I wanna do is run to.”

Body by Briston Maroney

Songwriting that is raw and soul-stirring, Briston Maroney has created something to entice listeners to the rest of his discography. Riddled in between lines are soft-sung echoes of the alluring lyrics. The electric guitar heard is captivating and the drums are as strong as the meaning behind this song. Deeply expressive, the bass sets the track’s tone while electronic additives in the production add a sense of aching. Poetically profound, “Body” is sure to pierce your heart as it did mine, “And it seems / The closest that I come to free / Is when I let the world fall around me.”

Mosquito by PinkPantheress

One thing PinkPantheress never does is disappoint. The expected fast-paced beat alongside her soft sung vocals creates another pop song hit. With lyrics of unsavory devotion covered by the upbeat melody, she never shies away from claiming her pop princess throne. Every song she puts out is addictive and musically joyous, it’s difficult not to dance along, “You’re the only thing that I own / I hear my bell ring, I’d only answer for you.”

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