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New Music Monday #16

Practice (feat. Saba) by Jamila Woods

Groovy and energetic, “Practice” is a feel-good vibey song perfect for your chill playlists. The songwriting is bold, clever, and honest, giving devotion to one person all beside a lovely tune that feels reminiscent of 80’s soul-pop songs. The song touches on the issue some might have where we forget to live in the moment within our romantic relationships, and the lyrics dive into the idea that we can learn and grow from that together. The track is simultaneously energetic and soothing blending into musical heaven, “Got more patience than a tree grow / Got love that feels like a cheat code”.

Planet Express by Cuco

Cuco has released another song filled with more emotion than one can merely describe. The melody feels like a lullaby, with a stunning array of instrumentals paired with Omar Banos’s vocals. The usual bedroom pop artist has delivered that again with the songwriting being painfully beautiful altogether. The yearning for a past lover is expressed in a way that only Cuco could do, while the drums, synths, and electronic keys within the song further make it as special as it is, “Drowning in sorrow on all the lost beautiful days”.

Swinging at the Stars by Claire Rosinkranz

Hitting play instantly begins a listening experience of invigorating liveliness. Claire has an energetic kick to her voice on this track that perfectly matches the meaning behind the song. The song feels exactly what it’s like to be young and excited to experience all that the world has to offer. It’s a classic feel-good indie-pop song that makes you want to dance around while singing to the witty lyrics, strong drums, and delicate harmonies throughout, “Falling into you and your wild embrace // Wanna be tired when I get to my grave”.

How’s It Gonna End? by Aiden Bissett

A gentle guitar strum and soft vocals introduce you to the start of the song. “How’s It Gonna End?” uses simplistic instrumentals with thoughtful lyricism drawing you in. Hitting the two-minute mark Bissett raises his voice and preps us for the build-up of repeating drums and guitar riffs. Piano keys meld it all together until the song crashes like waves on the shore, “Taking your time / Living on a landslide / Heaven in a goodbye”.

WORTH IT by Offset & Don Toliver

This collaboration isn’t one I would say I’ve been expecting; however, I can say I’m glad it happened. Offset’s verses are him in his bag while Don Toliver carries the chorus in his R&B expertise. It’s a steady beat alongside both artists, whose chemistry works well throughout, creating a chill track just in time for cuffing season. While it’s more lowkey, the vibes given off by the artists are palpable, talking about relationship problems, expensive items, and trust issues, “The message says delivered, so what you delayin’ for? / You think I’m out fuckin’ around, I’m in the studio”.

unconditional by Miki Ratsula

An intimate love song about giving and showing your all to someone while not feeling judged or othered by them. Miki Ratsula’s vocals are dreamy and fuse effortlessly with the soft guitar strums and distant trumpets. The track is painfully gorgeous with a catchy melody and unforgettable harmonies. This being the last track on their new album i’ll be fine if i want to is the perfect way to wrap up an album full of introspective thoughts about every avenue in life (love, anger, pain, etc.) “‘Cause all I am and all you are / Is all that matters and all I need to know”.

Why Would I? By Fivio Foreign

Fivio Foreign completely owns this song with overtly self-assured lyrics putting him on top. Some say drill music/artists can be a hit or miss, but I think “Why Would I?’ embodies everything a drill song is. While the track itself is short, Fivio Foreign’s flow is unapologetically smooth and quick-paced, “Why would I trip over internet posts? (Why would I?)”.

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