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New Music Monday #18

Dancer by IDLES & LCD Soundsystem

Thrilling strings at the start of the track grab your attention as it transitions into heavy drums and a sick guitar riff. The delivery of the compelling lyrics is haunting while thundering through speakers. “Dancer” is a track that feels like one too many things are happening at once in the best way possible, creating an opportunity to dance or mosh– depending on what you prefer. The track expresses the intimacy of being on the dancefloor with another person, all that is seen and felt up close, “Push me away like I’m Lucifer, so to speak / My focus is on the cocoa butter running down your neck”.

bella by EKKSTACY

The song starts off with the lyrics "Don't even know her name” but upon further listening we’re suddenly singing along to “Bella”. The theme of the song feels full of the frustration behind longing for someone and trying to convince yourself you don’t want them. The indie-alt song has a heavy bass, strong drums, and an electric guitar that continues through the catchy chorus. Vocals accentuate this angsty feeling through the story-telling of the mysterious ‘bella’.

A Night To Remember by beabadoobee & Laufey

A seductive jazzy track, Bea and Laufey are a match made in musical heaven. Hypnotizing lyrics pull you in with gorgeous keys and strings that give the sensual feeling Bea and Laufey were aiming for. Both artists' vocals are special in their own way, but working together it’s like they were made to make music together. A sophisticated take on essentially a one-night stand, “All wrapped up in embers / It was a night / Enchanting night to remember”.


Bubbly and light, “GLOW” embodies all that is a fun indie-pop song with a different meaning behind it. The drums carry through the dazzling synth keys along with the bass creating a bouncy track to dance along to. The soft vocals and harmonies contrast with the vibrant instrumentals showcasing the band’s creative expertise in production. Everything about the track exudes excitement and ease, “Zoom in on the action / Get a little glow”.

What Should I Do? by Kevin Abstract

Everything about this song is eclectic from the use of instrumentals, the lyricism, and the way Abstract performs. It sets off a sense of intrigue about the meaning behind the song as he rap-sings through. An acoustic guitar riff plays behind the storyline of love and trying to move on. The bridge is full of “Ba-ba-ba”s until the end of the track with the instruments completing the artistry of the entire song. The drums and electric guitar are strong yet chill and elicit a head nod til the song ends.

Whispers In The Echo Chamber by Chelsea Wolfe

Hauntingly mesmerizing, the track begins with an eerie feeling and whispered vocals by Wolfe. Perfect timing to release such a track during the Halloween season, so there is just enough time for you to add it to your spooky playlist. Synths and electronic distortions create this mysterious and almost chilling feel within the instrumentals. Wild drums take over the end of the song leaving you astonished, “Surrounded by living ghosts, you see / I thought I had to swallow them before they swallowed me”.

The Tower by Future Islands

The known synthpop group added a bit of rock to their recent track “The Tower”. A heavy bass is heard throughout with the raspy vocals and a steady drum beat. It’s a feel-good groovy song with an interesting production. The lyrics are pensive and riveting, making it difficult to decide what grasps your attention first, the moving melody or the captivating songwriting, “Tell myself, ‘It’s nothing,’ when it’s quite right / Everything grows stronger in the light.”

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