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New Music Monday: 7/31/23

Madhouse by House of Harm

“Madhouse” takes you through a series of thoughts and emotions, all provoking an all-consuming feeling of delight. The poetic writing tells a story of the longing for compassion and understanding all the while trying not to get lost in your own mind, confusing your thoughts for another, “The voice is clear / It’s in my head and it’s coming from your eyes /

But you would never let me see”. It’s an eerie phenomenon, the feeling that your own thoughts are not your own. House of Harm beautifully captures this peculiar sentiment, with steady drums, mesmerizing synths, and just an overall feeling of being taken to another dimension.

Cold Fingers by Two-Man Giant Squid

If you’re ever looking for a new, cool, underground, indie/alt-rock band, look no further because Two-Man Giant Squid is criminally underrated. Their recently released single “Cold Fingers” is superb to say the least. Beginning the track off with hypnotic riffs, strong drums, and cool vocals, the song progresses into an insane job on instrumentals with an unforgettable guitar solo and a gutting outro. The drums pick up and so does the singing alongside the guitar. This is one of those songs that is already so good that you know hearing it live would be an incredible experience.

RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n) by A$AP Rocky

The first drop since January’s “Same Problems”, A$AP Rocky is giving his fans a taste of what’s to come with his new album ‘Don’t Be Dumb’. Co-written and co-produced by Pharell Williams, the track delivers clever bars with a punchy beat, “Pass on a sweetie, I got me a RiRi/ Blue magic, she sniffin' that, I dream of genie”. Acknowledging the shoutout he gives to Rihanna, lyrically A$AP’s flow is undeniably clean, and using his past work as a reference, it only further proves this statement true.

Heavier by Odesza and Yellow House

Dreamy vocals paired with psychedelic electronic beats, “Heavier” is the perfect addition to your mid-summer playlist. The collaboration of Yellow House working with Odesza adds an indie element incorporated to the already expected EDM aspect of the EP ‘Flaws In Our Design’. Introspection is evoked while listening and analyzing the lyrics which are fascinating, “I'll find peace in your nightshade / And the warmth inside your cool blade / And lead you down a labyrinth of desire”.

Be My Summer by Snoh Aalegra

For angelic vocals luring you into the start of the track and majestic keys, “Be My Summer” feels like a heavenly experience from start to finish. The song moves you through her emotions of trying to move on from a significant other but somehow falling back in love, “You’ve taken tenure in my heart / I can’t change how I feel”. Harmonizing vocals in the back support Aalegra’s voice creating an all-around perfect R&B tune, again perfect for the summer.

Enough Is Enough by Post Malone

Another highly anticipated album, ‘Austin’ by Post Malone dropped July 28th, making this his fifth studio album. With every new release, Post shows evolution within his music but still creates art that resonates with countless amounts of people. Starting the song with a classic guitar riff and his notorious autotuned vocals, the reflective lyrics are catchy and the melodies are refreshing; however, the track touches on the issue of over-indulgence. Post has been known for his genuine and honest song-writing abilities while also making an enjoyable track that may not feel as depressing as it is, “Take me home, don't shut me out / It's easier to leave me down here on the ground”.

DELRESTO (ECHOES) by Travis Scott

With the release of Travis Scott’s new album ‘UTOPIA’, fans are overjoyed and raving about the long list of featured artists throughout the record. “DELRESTO (ECHOES)” in particular features Beyoncé, which many of her fans speculate is an easter egg continuing Renaissance content for the one-year anniversary. The track has the same Renaissance disco vibe with smooth vocals persistent from Beyoncé and Scotts’ echoey delivery, “The starry nights are startin' to fade / At times for miles I see your face”. All around, the song elicits dancing and contains a beautiful outro with Bon Iver reverberating, “Hey, now, you will report to me”.

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