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New Music Monday 8/14/23

Destroyer by M.A.G.S.

A riveting song that takes you through a plethora of emotions. From the strong guitar, the quick beat of the drum, and the songwriting that cuts so deep it almost hurts, “The things you’re giving up are the dreams you only wish to forget”. The musical journey is consuming, exciting, and almost confusing. M.A.G.S., or Elliott Douglas, has beautifully combined sounds from alternative rock and ends the song with a punk rock twist with screaming vocals. Vivid and raw lyrics make this song what it is: honest and expressive.

Jesus In Tokyo by Libby Quinn

Listening to this track feels like going on a trip, you don’t really know where it’s going but you know you’re having a good time. With the repeating guitar riffs throughout, captivating lyrics along exciting vocals, and unapologetic drums, this song encapsulates post-punk rock. You get taken by surprise when a gorgeous instrumental solo takes place amidst the song but then suddenly transitions back into the earlier recurrent guitar riff.

balloons by Noname (feat. Jay Electronica & Eryn Allen Kane)

After five years since her last release, Noname has dropped an album, “Sundial” that is distinctive, true, and bold. In “balloons” an undertone of jazzy/r&b aspects is incorporated with a smooth beat and a light piano. Noname’s ability to be unapologetically honest and tackle serious topics in a poetic manner is a true talent. Her combination of lyricism with instrumentals that make you feel make this track, and her others, undeniably special.

Find Me Out by Peter McPoland

With the release of his new album, “Piggy” Peter has taken a new path from his typical music genre, leaving behind his folky alternative sounds and entering a more emo/punk/alternative route. In “Find Me Out” powerful drums and guitar solos pair with Peter’s angsty, gritty voice creating an atmosphere that’s out of this world. His alluring songwriting gives the song its own energy of yearning and agony, “Well, I have seen the fragile tears that hide in smiles / Beneath the cheeks of shells of men”.

Nobody Else Will Do by Anish Kumar

For an upbeat exciting electronic dance song turn to “Nobody Else Will Do” by Anish Kumar. The beat is impeccable and elicits immediate dancing and the outro transitions into an isolated drum beat. Throughout, the title of the track is repeated in an edited warped sense, all the while he stays eclectic in his production style. Mesmerizing synths and quick beats keep listeners on their toes while also slowing down for that repeated phrase “Nobody else will do”.

care about myself by N3WYRKLA

Heartbreakingly open and honest songwriting alongside beautiful vocals, “care about myself’ fuses r&b sounds with a bit of alt-rock in the chorus. The melody is steady and consistent, with instrumentals that quicken and slow with the lyrics, definitely a headbanger. The outro includes echoey vocals, this track is all about recognizing one’s wrong-doings and finally putting yourself first, “Poison that’s been wearing on my health, I / I just gotta care about myself.”

Number 9 by Miguel (feat. Lil Yachty)

In a unique and thrilling collaboration, Miguel and Lil Yachty worked together to create an eccentric track filled with interesting beats and lyrics. While it’s trippy in its musical sense, Lil Yachty does the ad-libs until he joins with whisper-like vocals and fascinating songwriting. Listening to this song invites an open mind and appreciation for the production, “And the sky came crawling out beneath the waves”.

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