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Pigeon Post: A Clown That Sprinkles Funny Poop on Journalist's Work

Gerrie Lim, also known as the "Pigeon Post", has been creating content on TikTok for about two years now. They have a unique approach to their videos: Lim is focused on bringing light through comedy while unfolding the current New York City drama.

I wanted to reach out to Gerrie to find out the inspiration behind the content and why New York City is so special to them.

What made you want to start your news channel on TikTok?

Comedians I admire (Jon Stewart, John Oliver) made this distinction, and I will too: I don’t think what I do is news. Journalists at Gothamist, The City, or any of the other publications do the hard part, which is the journalism, and then I’m a clown that sprinkles funny poop on their work.

I’d wanted to get into content creation for a while, but I know my biggest problem is coming up with new content. News is an easy way to load what I call the “churner.”

I’m interested in being informed about what’s happening in the city. Not in the “what pop-ups are happening” kind of way (though a little bit of that too, occasionally), but more in the “here are the politics and mechanics that make the city run” sort of way. Until I moved to NYC, I was never interested in government—I’m talking failed the AP Gov exam and everything, and that thing is basically a modified citizenship test. Like yeah, I care about politics now because I hate OMNY and want to keep the MetroCard.

I love the comedic/satirical aspect behind the content. What is the reason behind doing that?

People on TikTok simply will not pay attention if I present it like Spectrum NY1, which is fine, because #same. It’s also a cathartic release I think? A lot of times I’m presenting the news with commentary that basically says “Isn’t this stupid?”. The news can be pretty depressing at times, but it’s fun to laugh about how depressing it can be. Is it healthy? I don’t know.

Have you always lived in NYC? If not, what made you want to move here?

I moved here for grad school years ago, and I think my family expected me to move back home when I graduated, but I never did. I’ve lived in the city for almost 7 years now. When my parents immigrated to this country, they lived across the Hudson and worked in the Bronx before their visas took them elsewhere. But every time they visit, they ask to go to "Hop Kee" in Chinatown because that’s where they used to eat all the time.

What can you find in NYC that you can't find anywhere else?

The best public transit system in the United States. I dunk on the MTA a lot on Pigeon Post, but I love the subway. I saw a TikTok once that said Americans glamorize college because, for a lot of folks, it’s the only time in their lives when they’ll live in a walkable community and talk to their neighbors. NYC is not to be treated with a college mindset—like show some respect—but the parallels to that experience are definitely there.

How do you see the news industry evolving in the coming years?

I don’t know, but whatever the case, the Washington Post’s TikTok account will be at the forefront of it.

If you chose a celebrity co-host, who would it be and why?

Any of the famous birds in Central Park: Ideally Mandarin Patinkin aka Hot Duck, but no one’s seen him in years, so next in line is Flaco, the escaped owl.

What is in store for the Pigeon Post in the future? Any fun projects?!

I’d love to do more field pieces—just to change up from shooting in my room. I also would love to do collaborations with other NYC content creators!

One of my goal projects is to do a series where I get to interview and follow along with people who make NYC work—such as subway conductors, the sanitation garbage guys, and, now, the rat czar.

Thank you so much to Gerrie for taking the time to answer these questions and finding time to take some photos!

You can find The Pigeon Post on Tiktok @thepigeonpost and Instagram @thepigeonpost to stay updated with their content and New York City.

Written by Mark Bluemle

Photography by Mark Bluemle

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