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How did you come up with your group's name?

“REALFICTION” emerged from a fusion of creativity and chaos during a quarantine session. Jason and I were isolated together, allowing us to produce our first EP in a state of fevered inspiration having just been diagnosed. The name 'REALFICTION' encapsulated our ethos, our creative mantra. We explored other possibilities, but nothing resonated quite like REALFICTION.

Does it mean anything?

The term REALFICTION became a philosophical exploration for us, a medium through which we could create soundscapes that defied the conventional boundaries between fact and fiction. A space where we could write about more than just our own experiences. A space where we can dream, yell, kick, scream, cry, love, curse, dance, process, and play. That’s REALFICTION.

How did the band come together?

The formation of our band was almost serendipitous. Jason's move to Nashville and into Joey's life was a cosmic alignment that neither of us could have planned. We became fast friends, and when the pandemic struck, our shared ambition and passion for music transformed our living space into a creative hothouse.

What have been some of your favorite/memorable performances?

Opening for Judah and the Lion on their Happy Again Tour, was a dream turned reality that expanded our horizons, and Playing Nashville's Bummeroo Festival with Arlie transcended performance—it was a celebration, a musical communion with friends and fans that echoed long into the night.

What songs are your favorites to perform?

Performing 'Blood In Your Car' and 'It's Not The End' is an electrifying experience that we and our audience collectively partake in. These songs have a life of their own, manifesting in tangible energy that spreads through the crowd, urging them to move, feel, and embrace the music. It's a symbiotic relationship that validates our existence as musicians. And as people.

Who are some of your influences in music?

Our musical influences are a rich tapestry of sounds and philosophies. We draw inspiration from the soulful storytelling of Frank Ocean, the sonic experimentation of Radiohead, the pop sensibilities of Taylor Swift, the bold defiance of Run the Jewels, the emotional rawness of The 1975, and the intricate harmonies of Pinegrove. This kaleidoscope of influences fuels our creative engine, pushing us to transcend genres and create something that reflects the complexity of human emotion.

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