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Repeats and Replays with House of Harm

In the ever-changing music landscape, it’s hard not to be pushed into a restrictive label using a generalized label. House of Harm doesn’t have any concern for that. They make music they like to hear, and their 55,000 monthly listeners like it. After their latest project, an album titled Playground, the band answered some questions for 47Magazine.

Congratulations on the release of your sophomore album! Can you talk a little bit about the name (because there can be a lot of different interpretations) and the importance of the album as a release. 

Thank you very much, and thanks to everyone for listening. We came up with the title Playground early in the writing process, well before the songs were finished. I actually think it describes the songs perfectly because of the different interpretations. We wanted the record to feel very cohesive and specific, but also expansive at the same time. I think if we were writing songs under a more clearly defined title, we wouldn’t have been able to cover as much ground. For me, the importance of the release is this new sonic territory.

Which do you usually write first, lyrics or the instrumentals? 

Typically it starts with the instrumentals

 If you could describe your music as a location, where would that be? 

I relate the music to landscapes I have in my own mind, but I’m not sure I’d want to taint anyone else’s experience with that. When choosing our sound palette for a song idea or record, we’re encouraging each other to create the world where the music will live. We’re conscious of the fact that it will be transportive, but a lot of scene is painted by the listeners imagination. That can change over time as well.

 What are each of the members favorite song in your discography, and why? 

We’ve lived with these songs for quite some time, so the experience makes it difficult to explain exactly why or pinpoint a single reason, but as of now it would be:

Michael - Two Kinds.

Cooper - Soaked in Pastel.

Tyler - Catch.

What do you guys currently have on repeat?

Still Ruins, Beach Fossils, The Drums.

Catch House of Harm playing an album release show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn on February 22, or on tour on the west coast this June!

Interviewed by Mark Bluemle

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