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Savoia: An Indie Rock Band on the Rise

Savoia by James Avalos
Savoia by James Avalos

What type of show can you expect from a band with one single out? A taste of what’s to come.

The five-piece alt-rock band Savoia took the stage at Baby’s Alright this past Sunday, fresh off tour after opening for The Criticals. Their thrilling set made it well worth venturing through the stormy weather that plagued the city this past week. The show was practically an unofficial listening party for their new album, teasing the audience with unreleased tracks and leaving them wanting even more. Ending the night with their only released single, “Bringing Me Down.”

With inspiration from artists such as Cage the Elephant, The Rolling Stones, The Kooks, and The Strokes, the band encapsulates a similar gritty and rhythmic sound. Lucas Allan, the band’s frontman, and Caleb Rubin, the bassist, would describe their music as “dirty, alluring, and danceable.” The style of Savoia’s frontman further displays what to expect in their music, taking center stage with an indie sleaze/glam rock; a visual representation of their classic/indie rock sound.

After opening with a few bangers set to be on their new album, they shifted gears, slowing it down a bit to a more smooth and groovy sound to one of my favorite songs of the night, “Victoria.” While the Arctic Monkeys have “Arabella”, Savoia has “Victoria”.

The night's only disappointment was knowing I would go home and could not continue jamming to their music.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long! Their single “Hypochondriac” is set to drop May 26, and after a stellar performance, they leave us in anticipation of their future album, set to release sometime this summer! We can’t wait to see what this band has in store for the future, and you can listen to “Bringing Me Down” below!

Written by Ashley Murphy

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