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SumSun and KidsThatFly take on Bushwick

On April 29, @sumsun.noise and @kidsthatfly took on the main stage at Brooklyn Monarch. The local alternative pop/rock band Kids that Fly got the crowd warmed up starting their set with a groovy fan favorite, “For the Night.” Throughout their set, they managed to enchant the audience with their catchy songs and electric stage presence. Along with their own original music, they slipped in a cover of Tom Petty’s classic hit, “American Girl.” They brought the housedown by closing with their biggest hit, “Kiss Her You Fool, which is approaching 20 million streams on Spotify! Special guest included the trumpet duo, The Horn Dogs. At the end of their set, not only did they successfully hype up the crowd, but recruited a significant number of new fans.

Following that stellar opener, SumSun transported the crowd from the dark venue in Bushwick to the warm beach we all have been fanticizing about in anticipating of summer. The electric pop duo have the same energetic energy as The Chainsmokers and indie pop vocals as Coin, intoxicating the crowd with their laid back vibe. They teased their new single with “Bonnie and Clyde”, set to come out next month as well as a cover of Coin’s “Talk Too Much.” By the end of the night I was ready to hop in the car and drive up the coast with the top down blasting their music!!

Written by Ashley Murphy

Photography by Jake Pranian

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