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HiTechMODA 2/10/23 Show Review

The hiTechMODA show was something that introduced small designers to a big inclusive group of people. The show consisted of Camellia Couture, Kayzie Couture, LP Couture, Charjean Couture, Cody Chris Collection, Alegre de Pilipinas, Marc Defang NYC, NanaLola Couture, and more.

The outfits consisted of butterfly wings, wedding gowns, and everything else in between. The models also had a wide range with some being not more than five years old to full blown adults. The age group of the models that did their best were the 18-23 years olds. They were very professional, their walks looked confident and strong, and they had poise that professional models do. For the most part, the show was great, but a lot was not organized well.

Some of the models were off of their timing, the different designers were not consistent with their finales, models would definitely take their time getting their pictures taken, and at one point there was a line to have your photos taken as a finale. What was fun about the show, you could tell the audience was having a great time and they liked the difference in each piece of clothing from the designers.

One thing that makes highTechMODA very unique is the accompanying of live music. Ukrainian Violinist Assia Ahhatt, played during the show instead of the runway music coming from a speaker. Today, not many shows include live music. One of the biggest shows that included live music was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which has been canceled for a few years now.

A few special guests were Miss Arizona, Little Miss Arizona, Miss Great Lakes, Miss Illinois, Miss Rhode Island, and Miss Elite Cosmos North Carolina. Their gowns were beautiful and definitely a great addition to the show. The company is also promoted in London and Orlando, Florida.

HiTechMODA is a wonderful company that represents a lot of creative people that care about their work and how it is represented! We had a great time, and hope to see all these models and designers flourish in the future.

2/10/23 3pm Show

Photos by Mark Bluemle

2/10/23 7pm Show

Photos by Mark Bluemle

Written by Sofia Destefano

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