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Talking About Lisa Frankenstein

Written by Diablo Cody who wrote the script for movies like Jennifer's Body and Juno and is the feature film debut for Zelda Williams (daughter of Robin Williams). The two of them showcased their personalities and created this movie in a way that was so stylistically distinct. The vision for this movie was executed so well, 10s across the board. 

Lisa is a misunderstood teenage girl and a reanimated Victorian corpse back from the dead. The two go on a journey together of pleasure, melancholy, and coming of age. The atmosphere of the film is a mix of Heathers meets John Huges meets Tim Burton. I loved the overall playfulness of how the late 80s is presented. A perfect movie to see for Valentine's Day if couples are looking for something out of the ordinary, lol. 

It was clear before the movie even started that Kathryn Newton would be its biggest highlight and right after leaving the theater that opinion is valid. Like Kathryn’s Performance in 2020's Freaky, she gives her character, “Lisa Swallows” her own heart and enjoys every minute of it. In support of her, Cole Sprouse gives a physical performance as “The Creature.” Audiences may somehow fall for the chemistry between him and Kathryn even though he is mute, which works for most of the comedic and satisfying scenes in the movie. 

Campy, chaotic, and gloomy. The jokes remain relevant, humorous, and a little bit naughty. It showcased technicolor visuals, a hilarious and morbid script as well as cool retro set design along with costume, makeup and hairstyles. Even though I haven’t experienced the 80s, the movie is naturally nostalgic and could pass off as lost media of that period. Kathryn Newton has certified herself as a scream queen and she does a great job portraying the early stages of madness. It will be very much appreciated by horror lovers even at a PG-13 rating. Let the music relax you and take in all the nods to classic movies and well-timed comedy moments and you are  guaranteed a spooky fun time. 

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