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The Best Spots for Ice Cream in NYC

Written by Kat Reed

Photography by Sophia Keefe

CD: Sophia Querrazzi

Talent: Cam Lyken

It may be cold outside, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a delicious scoop of ice cream! No matter the weather, it's a sweet treat that everyone can enjoy, and the city is full of so many amazing places to get all types of delicious flavors of ice cream; from soft serve to "ube flavored," there's a spot for everyone.

Here is a list of some of the best in the city, as well as a few of my personal favorites.

Taiyaki NYC- 119 Baxter St

One of my personal favorites this spot sells soft-serve ice cream in taiyaki cones. The delicious waffle-like cone shaped like a fish is quite an inventive way to serve ice cream. They also have some creative flavors such as matcha and hojicha which really make this place stand out!

Mister dips- 89 South St at seaport

This place serves both delicious food and ice cream but the ice cream is the true star here. While you can get a traditional soft serve they also have an array of flavors and options some of which are seasonal. They dip their soft serve in chocolate or other costings to make a hard shell outside that gives the ice cream a unique texture. One of my personal favorites here is their strawberry dipped cone. They also have great milkshakes including boozy flavors.

Van Leeuwan- multiple locations

This ice cream spot has taken the city by storm and you can even find their pints in grocery stores across the country. They serve up a variety of tasty and unique flavors including honeycomb and earl grey tea. They also have new flavors to try every month giving a good excuse to keep going back.

Chinatown ice cream factory- 65 Bayard St

This is my favorite ice cream shop in the city partly because of their truly unique and delicious flavors. They are a cash only place however that never stops a line from forming often out the door. Their don tot and panda flavors are some of the best and more unique options however you could never go wrong with their mango or coconut.

Surreal creamery- 126 MacDougal St

Another unique ice cream spot they have soft serve ice cream and bubble tea and you can combine the two. The matcha bubble tea and taro ice cream is my go to but you can also get a mason jar sundae or a cake jar. There are lots of mix and match options that allow for so many fun choices.

Blue Marble Ice Cream- 186 Underhill Ave

This spot uses as many locally sourced ingredients as possible to make its ice cream. It's right near Prospect Park which makes it ideal to grab a cone before you go on a nice stroll. Their flavors rotate meaning they're great to visit over and over again.

il laboratorio del gelato- 188 Ludlow St

A great spot that makes their ice cream on-site. They have a huge array of flavors including some truly strange ones such as cheddar cheese or peppercorn. Their huge range of flavors means they make something almost everyone will like.

Big gay ice cream- 516 Columbus Ave

A soft-serve place decorated with pride flags it's a truly welcoming space. They have dipped cones with many add-ins. Their flavor of the week is great to try out new options or they have traditional chocolate or vanilla. The make-your-own option allows for a variety of great choices.

Written by Kat Reed

Photography by Sophia Keefe

CD: Sophia Querrazzi

Talent: Cam Lyken

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