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The History of Riot Grrrl and Recommendations

The movement Riot Grrrl originated in the early 1990s as a form of protest addressing the sexism in the punk/grunge scene. When this had occurred the riot grrrl scene had began to make music formed around themes such as sexual assault, eating disorders, and other feminist issues. Many times, zines were created to spread the information which were being shared during shows or the conversations that were being held to back this movement. Though the purpose of riot grrrl was to bring attention to women's issues it was heavily accused of not being inclusive to all women. The riot grrrl movement was short-lived “ending” in the late 90s by what some claim as the mainstream movement of “girl power” in pop culture.

Riot Grrrl Bands:

1. Bikini Kill

2. L7

3. Hole

4. Babes in Toyland

5. Sleater- Kinney

6. Bratmobile

7. 7 Year Bitch

8. Le Tigre

9. Voodoo Queens

10. Pussy Riot

My Song Recommendations + Playlist

1. Dig Me Out- Sleater-Kinney

2. Rebel Girl- Bikini Kill

3. Shitlist- L7

4. Celebrity Skin- Hole

5. All Hail Me- Veruca Salt

6. Bad Ass Bitch- Lunachicks

7. Doll Parts- Hole

8. Men Explain Things to Me- Tacocat

9. Pretend We’re Dead- L7

10. Supermodel-Superficial - Voodoo Queens

For more of my Riot Grrrl recommendations check out this playlist!

Written by: Celeste Nieves

Photography by Mark Bluemle

Creative Director: Veronica Anaya

Talent: Ashley Murphy, Ishika Naik, Maddie McGuffey

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