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Yes, I’m an Ariana Stan, and?

Ariana Grande's 7th studio album took the world by storm with its recent release earlier this month. On March 8th, 2024, Eternal Sunshine became one of Ariana's most remarkable creations. With the album rapidly debuting at number #1 on

the billboard charts, Eternal Sunshine was automatically categorized as an ultimate pop success. After a long four-year hiatus, Grande curated a conceptualized album inspired by one of her favorite films, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (2004). Throughout the album, Ariana draws upon many of the film's details and messages while heavily applying them to her own personal experiences and past traumas. The album seamlessly tells a story about both past and present relationships and the heavy impacts they can have. With her infamous angelic vocals combined with a Glinda-like-inspired sound, Ariana beautifully dives deep into her emotions and gets incredibly personal in a way she's never been before. In adjoint collaboration with producer Max Martin, Ariana rekindles her 90s baby side with a mix of R&B. The singer uses these elements to gracefully depict her narrative of having the courage to leave toxic partnerships lovingly, although rather painful, for one to truly

find themselves and what is meant for them.

Track 1

Intro (end of the world):

This delicate introduction track beautifully starts with the question, "How do I know if I'm in the right relationship?" paralleled with other lyrics throughout the album later on. With the gentle yet comforting sounds of strings and the layering of Ariana's middle register, this song can almost be described as a warm hug. Ariana discusses the struggle of never knowing when a relationship is rightfully suited for her. This swiftly transitions into the feelings and questions that arise when romantically meeting someone new. This short but sweet track showcases deep layers of self-awareness, which live alongside the questions, worries, and faults that can come with new romantic interests. Although you never know if you're with the right person, it can be fear igniting and withholding many complications, but that

doesn't stop Ariana from portraying this experience as something nonetheless beautiful.

Track 2


Quickly followed by the intro, we are stricken with the energetic anthem that is bye. With upbeat and catchy melodies working alongside the singer's quick-witted vocals, Grande creates an ultimate hit revolving around themes of empowerment and strength. In addition to having massive inspiration from her mother, Joan Grande, Ariana snappingly discusses pushing through fear and kindly leaving a relationship that no longer serves any good. Ariana effortlessly conveys feelings of vulnerability and courage while showcasing the willpower to unapologetically say "bye" and leave a relationship that isn't right.

Track 3

don’t wanna break up again:

This smooth, complex, emotional track dives deep into the singer's feelings and desire not to repeat past relationship cycles. Through contemporary productions of pop and R&B, Ariana rhythmically opens up about the desperation to maintain a struggling relationship despite the issues it may have. This track showcases the fear that can come with the understanding that a relationship needs to end but still longing to avoid the repeated experience of heartbreak and letting go. Although many heartbreaking emotions surround this track, a layer of love remains underneath it. Ariana concludes the song with the hope that both individuals can reflect on their relationship with zero regret. The singer ends the track with gratitude, expressing appreciation for the impacts the two have had on one another despite not ending up together.

Track 4

Saturn Returns interlude:

In this track, we are met with a speech by famous astrologist Diana Garland. Throughout this dreamily spoken interlude, Diana talks about something called the Saturn cycle, which every individual is destined to experience during their 29th year of life. Ariana, recently concluding the end of her Saturn cycle, adds this interlude as a pivotal point in the album. The artist plays upon the speaker's "wake-up" words under beautiful orchestration. This ultimately ties into Ariana's learned lesson of leaving and ending toxic patterns and relationships to connect with her truest form of self. The interlude gradually fades out with Ariana's laugh, seamlessly transitioning into the next track.

Track 5

eternal sunshine:

Starting with laughs from Ariana and her past partner, this heartfelt title track explores many themes of resilience, vulnerability, pain, and healing. On top of the track's ever-so-dreamy

production, paired with a unique rhythmic beat, Ariana gets personal about her past relationships and the continuous cycle of pain she has experienced. Having lost loved ones in the past, Ariana touches upon elements of life and death. This corresponds with the singer's feelings of not being able to escape past cycles in relationships and having to go through the process and emotions of starting and ending connections all over again. The singer goes in-depth about the pain of opening up and having so much hope for a relationship just for it to fall through. Although this track is a rather sad one, Ariana also expresses emotions of utter contentment and healing. Grande sonically embraces the concept of forgetting past relationships' negative parts to rightfully move forward with what's better for her. This soulful track represents the notion of going through heartbreak, but it ultimately leads to necessary change and self-transformation, allowing room for new and improved love.

Track 6


This upbeat pop track angelically showcases the singer's vocal range and represents all the passionate and exciting feelings that come with new connections. Ariana discusses the undeniable chemistry between herself and a potential partner within this captivating and infectious hit. The singer expresses sweetly falling for someone and not having any urge to fight against it. Combined with a captivating and high-spirited production, Ariana describes how her feelings are so beautifully strong it can almost be categorized as "Super Natural".

Track 7

true story:

Pathing the way for the next track, Ariana writes a true story with great inspiration from outside sources and what the media has thrown at her. Grande states that this track is based on untrue events and ultimately ties into the “bad girl persona” that her fan base adores greatly. The true story is an irresistible 90s-inspired anthem with a range of intense vocals that display a story of unapologetically conforming to untrue narratives.

Track 8

the boy is mine:

Playing off a true story, Ariana gracefully gives her fan base the “bad girl anthem” they all desperately wanted. With heavy musical elements of the 90s as well as inspiration from R&B legends Brandy and Monica, Ariana creates a groovy and undeniably catchy “bad girl” hit.

Track 9

yes, and?:

Being the first lead single off the album, Ariana brings about a sound unlike anything she's ever done before. The production consists of elements of both house and pop, which pair sensationally with Ariana's elevated layered vocals. The track represents the carefreeness and happiness of living authentically and refusing to care about others' perceptions. With the electrifying, upbeat, and feel-good energy, this track draws upon feelings of undeniable confidence, positivity, and the ability to find the good in any dark situation.

Track 10

we can’t be friends (wait for your love):

(My personal Favorite)

In this incredibly heartfelt track, Ariana dives into the complexities of fully letting go of someone you love. With beautiful strings and celestial production, this mid-tempo ballad represents the heartbreaking feeling of unreciprocated love. Ariana beautifully discusses her experience of letting go of a past relationship so both individuals can be pleased. Ariana touches upon the idea that even though this separation is for the ultimate best, it doesn’t stop her from continuing to long for their love and acceptance. This track withholds many layers of pain that coexist with self-love elements. Although leaving this relationship and breaking this toxic cycle is immensely difficult for the singer, she ends the song on a bittersweet note. Ariana concludes the song by acknowledging that the love she reminisces and wishes to have received is the kind she can fully find within herself.

Track 11

i wish I hated you:

This soft, emotional, and cosmic-sounding ballad centers on the pain of moving on from a past relationship. The track has a beautiful and gentle production, consisting of soft humming from the singer's background. I Wish I Hated You tells the heartbreaking narrative of coping with the end of a loving connection. Ariana tells the story of wishing she hated her past partner simply so it's easier for her to move forward and heal.

Track 12

imperfect for you:

This soulful and acoustic-sounding track represents the idea of being

perfectly imperfect for someone. Ariana gracefully discusses a relationship in which both individuals deal with similar struggles and traumas. However, the singer depicts this as beautiful, as it gives the two a unique and special kind of mutual understanding and connection. Grande plays upon the concept of someone being utterly imperfect for her but understanding and loving her in a way no one else can. The singer acknowledges the imperfectness of both parties and sees it as a way for both individuals to properly and lovingly be there for one another. Although the song is centered around being imperfect, Ariana beautifully showcases that these relatable and matching imperfections make the pair perfect for one another.

Track 13

ordinary things (feat. Nonna):

This beautiful and emotional closing track is centered around happily enjoying the simpler things in life with the one you love. Ariana expresses the fulfillment of being with the one she loves and how she would do anything for more time with them. She deeply discusses how no matter what's being done, nothing would ever seem ordinary as long as she's with this specific person. The track contains many soft and swift instrumentals alongside melodies that pair exceptionally with the singer's voice. Ordinary Things closes the album with some last words from the star's Grandmother, Nonna. The track ends with Nonna discussing her relationship with Ariana's grandfather, who passed away in 2014. Nonna beautifully describes her relationship and how, although there may have been ups and downs, there was always comfortability and love. The singer's Grandmother states, "Never go to bed without kissing goodnight. That's the worst thing to do; don't ever do that. And if you can't and don't feel comfortable doing it, you're in the wrong place. Get out." This ties into and answers the question Ariana asks in the beginning track of the album: "How do I know if I'm in the right relationship?". This last track ties the album together, concluding a painful but beautiful and healing storyline.

An Eternal Sunshine Album Review by Bella Serrano

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