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The Sound Of ADUT

“ADUT” is a rapper in the Philadelphia area who has gained over 300 thousand streams on SoundCloud. If you went to my highschool, Lower Merion, you know this name. With his voice and production value improving heavily over the years I can tell that there is going to be a big future for this upcoming artist. That being said, I wanted to reach out and learn the lore of ADUT and his journey with music!

When did you start your music journey? What’s the backstory?

I started years ago in middle school when I first heard music from an artist named ACOT (Average Cups of Tea). His tracks were so abstract and different from mainstream rap which brought me into the underground SoundCloud scene. There weren't many people rapping at all back then; I started in the days before SoundCloud almost went bankrupt and laid off most of their staff.

Are you more drawn to producing or rapping? Or Both?

I'm more drawn to rapping because I use it to vent and express all my overthinking. I always seem to end up in crazy situations since I follow my heart. I record about things that go on in my life that I usually keep to myself. It's easy to talk to the microphone. I still love producing but I'd love it more if I had learned piano instead of guitar.

What is your favorite song you worked on?

"Any Better" by my bro Astral. Times were hella different back then but I was still spilling my heart into a song. I made the instrumental and hook while Astral did the most insane verse. His lyrics touched my soul and you can feel the emotion in our song through vocal cadence and harmonies.

Thank you to ADUT for taking the time to talk with me and answer these questions for the magazine! I’m excited to hear the new music coming out. You can all check out his music below!

Photos by Mark Bluemle

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