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47Magazines Hot Girl Summer Must Haves

Sunscreen - Everyone at every price range, activity level, skin color, and texture needs sunscreen. Not trying to start this list with a bummer, but skin cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer worldwide. So, why not take this list as a reminder to take care of the #1 most important thing? Sunscreen! Sunscreen doesn’t need to be expensive, and at any SPF or any skin type, there is a wide variety of sunscreen available. My faves are Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen (that goes for about $22-$68 depending on what size you get), Sun Bum (about $12-$50), and the one I use every morning is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen (starts at about $10). Using sunscreen regularly is a great way to keep yourself safe and keep your skin protected all summer long (without sacrificing a great tan).

Bracelets - “So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it…” is the lyric that inspired thousands of Taylor Swift fans everywhere to make and trade friendship bracelets. Even if you’re not the tiniest bit of a Taylor Swift fan (which, sorry, I don’t believe you) you can still join in on the fun. I have not made a single Taylor Swift-related bracelet, but am trying to get/make/give as many as possible before the summer is over. Besides being a fun activity to do with friends or solo, the bracelets make super cute, bright, and fun summer accessories.

Hydration - The third item on my list is a cute water bottle! Hydration is one of (if not the most) important parts of making summer great. As a long-term Summer camp attendee and current camp counselor, my fave is the customizable Hydro Flask. I have a 32 oz wide-mouth HydroFlask with a straw lid, but anything that will remind you to stay hydrated is perfect. You can’t have a hot girl summer if you’re dehydrated!

Liquid IV - Talking about water bottles leads me to my next summer must-have: Liquid IV. Again, as a camp counselor, my #1 priority (besides making sure my campers are safe and having fun) is staying hydrated. Drinking a Liquid IV every night after spending all day in the sun is a LIFESAVER. Plus, the variety of flavors ensures that everyone can find one they like.

Hair Tinsel - The next thing on my hot girl summer list is not hydration related (surprised?), but rather hair related. A fun activity/accessory/summer look refresh is hair tinsel! Hair Tinsel is coming back this summer, and I can’t wait. The main thing I love about hair tinsel is that you can make it as subtle or bold as you want, and it’s not permanent. Most hair tinsel only lasts 4-8 weeks, so it’ll be grown out before the fall ‘23 semester and functions as a great summertime change (it doesn’t break the bank either).

Multicolored nails - A big thing I’ve been rocking this summer, along with all of the hundreds if not thousands of people who did it before me, are multicolored nails. Move over nude and French tip nails, multicolored rainbow nails are the perfect way to add even more color and fun to your summer. There are so many different patterns, colors, shapes, and designs to try with bright colors in mind. Plus if you get bored you can always attempt some of these designs yourself.

Spotify - Another essential part of a hot girl summer is good music. 47Mag even has our summer playlist for your listening pleasure.

Spotify is my personal favorite for playlists and music in general (no shade to any AppleMusic users reading) and with over 500 million Spotify users worldwide it’s no surprise that it’s a necessity for this summer. Spotify has so many options for streaming starting at $4.99 a month for a student plan and up to $15.99 for a family plan. Another great thing about Spotify is that you’re able to cancel your subscription at any time, so when summer ends if you don’t want your subscription anymore you can cancel with no problem.

Yoga/Pilates/Hot Girl Walks - A big trend in 2023 that has been making waves once again is body positivity and folks rebuilding their relationships with exercise. Now more than ever, exercise and exercise plans that motivate people to move, not lose weight or change themselves, are popular. This is a trend that I hope lasts past 2023, but this is your excuse to start. Try that hot yoga class your friend has been raving about! Use your new Spotify subscription to make a playlist for a hot girl walk around your neighborhood. The options are endless, and it’s never too soon to start moving for you.

Ironic T-Shirts - My personal favorite summer 2023 trend/necessity (and a year-round necessity if you’re like me) is ironic t-shirts. There are so many options, and different shirts for every sense of humor. Nothing beats a good “Worlds Best Grandad” shirt as a coverup for your new bikini, or even at the beach after your post-saltwater-and-sun shower to just bum around and hang out in. These shirts are EVERYWHERE. Thrift stores, Depop, Wal-Mart, your wacky uncle's closet…. No matter the occasion, ironic t-shirts are the way to go.

Supporting Local Businesses - Another trend that I think should last year round (and every year) is supporting local businesses! Supporting local businesses is an easy and efficient change that you can make. It also allows you to try new things. Instead of ordering your summer TBR list from Amazon, go to a local bookstore and find something you’ve never even heard of. This is easier in bigger cities, and I’m not saying you can only ever shop local, but shopping local is a great thing to do when/if possible. Swapping your daily Starbucks for a latte from the coffee shop down the street, stopping by the local farmers market when you can, and countless other options are available to start shopping locally.

Written by Lucy Anderson

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