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Denim Won't Die

Denim won’t die.

With the start of a new year means quite literally new trends. Whether that be colors, silhouettes, or accessories. With 2022 we saw the rise of avant-garde denim, meaning an everyday fashion staple was reborn into the high fashion world. When I say denim won’t die I mean this with such hope. No doubt denim has been around for centuries but it’s never been taken to such a unique level of architecture and imagination.

The concept of layering has always been familiar with fashion but recently denim has played such a significant part in street style and self-expression. Brands from Diesel to Levis have made denim accessible to anyone and everyone, whether that be in thrift or retail stores. We’ve seen independent and local designers based in New York and on social media platforms inspire and reinforce denim into an effortless outlet of innovation. They’ve proven that just because high fashion has modernized denim doesn’t mean this trend is reserved for the rich. Thrift stores hold all the potential to attain this trend; various sizes, tones of denim, and styles of denim. Making it possible for Denim to be repurposed in ways that can be done at home by oneself.

Trends to focus on coming up for this fashion week would be two-toned, statement, colored, and monochromatic denim. Brands to be looking at are Acne Studios, MM6, Private Policy, and always Dion Lee just to name a few. To conclude fashion at the end of the day is really an expression and a creative outlet, there’s not a correct way to approach it so my advice would be to have fun and find the balance between comfort and confidence.

Photography by Frank McHugh

Written by Frank McHugh

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