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Divine Rain

Rain drips down my face

From my forehead to the tip of my nose

Before plunging onto the sidewalk

Tourists bound in wonder

Stop where they stand

Gazing toward the sky

What do they see that I can not?

Music pours into my ears

Drowning out everything around me

Leaving me deaf to the world

My jeans cling to my legs

Morphing into a second skin

As my shoes fill with water

Children huddle near their parent's legs

Protected from the wet and cold

That emanates within this dreary city

Puddles fill with raindrops

As the street fills with people

Each of us a single drop of rain

Doesn’t it feel lonely?

Falling alone from so high above

Abandoned by the cloud which created you

The rain, heavy and rapid

Baptizes me

Until I am clean

Washing me away

Until I am nothing less

Than the skeleton trapped within

Sprout flowers

From the cracks

Laid within the concrete

And resurrect my soul

As I wish to live

For as long as the water flows

Let me be free

As free as the rain

That pours upon my head

Written by Grace Bugin

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