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Landon Conrath: Out Of Town #3

How long have you been making music? What led you to want to be a performer?

“I've been involved with music my entire life but didn't start writing songs until late 2019 - early 2020. I put out my first song "Pieces" in January 2020 and wasn't planning on really releasing any more after that. I just kinda started doing it. I am grateful that I didn't feel the pressure to make a career out of this when I started, and I'm grateful the roots of it all were just from enjoyment of music!”

What have been some of your favorite/ memorable performances?

“There have been many amazing shows in the past 2 years but I think one of the most memorable was a show that we played in Boston. The traffic was SO incredibly bad on the way to the show that we ended up with only about 20 minutes to set up everything and soundcheck before we had to play the show. We were flustered and anxious as we walked up to play the show but we were met with one of the most high-energy and passionate crowds that we had ever seen outside of our hometown. It was a blessing for sure.”

What are your favorite songs to perform?

“I really enjoy the way that we have developed a lot of the songs to be different from the studio versions when we play them live. I think one of my favorites to play is Trader Joe's. The way that song feels with a full band is just something that you can't get when you listen to it on Spotify.”

Who are some of your influences?

“Oh man there are a lot!! I think in the past few years some of the most important bands for me have been, Slow Pulp, Bon Iver, The Beths, Hippo Campus, Carwash, Phoenix, The 1975 and a million more that I could rattle off forever!”

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