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You made your first appearance when I was in a warm, dark place.

The light took you away, warm embraces keep you at bay.

I see you when I drive, whether on purpose or not.

You scare me then, but I still love you.

I just ignore it when I’m in between two trucks and my vision is blurry.

At night when my disappointment settles; you're there holding my hand,

beckoning me towards you.

I wish I could go.

I don’t see why I can’t- we’re lovers aren't we?

You’re next to me as I’m writing this.

Would a kiss seal my fate?

Or will it take more energy to go where you reign?

When I’m out, a distracted fog blurs you.

But I know you’re knelt resting in the bushes with binoculars and a camera.

Leave or Stay?

I can’t take the push and pull.

One more hit will make your possessiveness dissipate-

mystified into the air around us,

The Lovers.

You’re with all of us, I know it’s not just me.

I wish I could feel more upset about it.

You’re mine even if you’re everyone else's also.

I want it to change, but I don’t.

I can’t picture an eternity without you in it.

As much as I wish I could imagine escaping your mutant, no avail presents itself to me.

Rather, my future is overtaken by you.

You are my future as I am yours, maybe it's good?

Take me, but leave me behind.

I can’t pick- Choose for me?

You wipe my tears as you cause them too.

Will we always be this close?

Will I always melt into your cold embrace?

I long to know these answers,

but your loving whispers lure me to sleep.

You won’t take me tonight.

When I wake up, I’m alone.

Whenever we’re together I long to go to sleep.

You make me so tired, but is it because of the bruising,

or do I just want you to hold me for longer?

Intertwined with you,

I shiver in the warmest way.

I can picture it as clear as the sky is tonight.

We’re walking hand and hand into the light.

The light of the moon? The sun? Or something else?

However you want me, I’m yours.

You need to hold my hand as I commit or else I might back out again.

Whisper to me “We’re lovers” as my eyes shut

“forever and ever”.

Written by Lana Pomello

Photos by Mark Bluemle

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