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New Music Monday #27

Whatever Comes My Way by Felly

With a blend of indie, alternative, and pop origins, “Whatever Comes My Way” is a positive uplifting song about going along with the cards you're dealt. It’s upbeat and fun with drums and guitar strums continuing the feel-good rhythm throughout the track. The second verse is delivered in a quick dialogue until Felly returns to his soft singing. The lyrics are a reminder to enjoy the crazy ride life puts you on, “We laugh it off until we cry / ‘Cause it’s a short life, you remind me all the time.”

Million Cash by Connor Price and Armani White

With the quick and heavy beat, Price starts the track off strong with a confident delivery of his unapologetic verse. The seamless transition from Price to White shows the collaborative chemistry the two artists share. White’s verse is witty and his smooth flow further amplifies the energy of the song. With each beat, the duo doesn’t fail to deliver bars showing off their winnings, “Walk in the building like I got a million on me in cash / Tired of counting; I hired accountants, they doin' the math.”

be like that by blackwave.

Blurring the line between any distinctive genre, blackwave. released an intriguingly complex track. With elements of electronic, a rap verse is carried through with a strong beat and synths alongside it. In just under three minutes, the track goes through a plethora of sounds, creating an other-worldly listening experience. Towards the end the beat picks up and more digital instrumentals shine with claps concluding the song.

Backwards by Wild Child

A mix of folky alternative and soul components, the track’s melody is cheerful while the lyrics express the truth of working harder in a relationship. The vocals are incredibly strong and as passionate as the drums that play in the back. Throughout the song, there is a funk vibe and as the bridge builds up with horns and a slowed beat, Kelsey sings “I’m always bending backwards, trying to keep you around.”

july (feat. Mree & Henri Bardot) by Kina Grannis, Imaginary Future, and people i like, Mree, & Henri Bardot

A gorgeous slow song that is musically mesmerizing. With each artist incorporating a different element to make the track special, this aching for something that once was, absorbs the listener. Soft guitar strums play throughout the song with smooth harmonies singing “I don’t like it, don’t like it.” The lyrics take you through a story as the gentle instrumentals carry the vocals until the very end.

time just keeps on keepin on by lentra

Another slower track that makes you feel as groovy as it is. It’s effortlessly cool with the instrumentals blending together with lentra’s deep, almost spoken, vocals. You can’t help but nod along with the relatable chorus and silky melody. Lyrically the writing is honest and sort of existential while still having an optimistic view, “Time keeps on moving so time to relax / Think about now cause it’s all that we have”.

LOVE DRUG by Eva Shaw and Thouxanbanfauni

Blending a bit of dance and hip-hop, the collaboration with Eva Shaw and Thouxanbanfauni creates a catchy track built for any party playlist. Shaw’s production skills elevate the sound the two are trying (and succeeding in) putting out. Thouxanbanfauni’s quick delivery and clever writing is only further highlighted as the beat drops and Shaw’s vocals come in for the chorus.

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