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New Music Monday #28

run away girl by Alice Merton

Upbeat and musically evocative, “run away girl” is lyrically raw. The build-up to each chorus with strong drums and Merton’s demanding vocals is exciting and creates an almost overwhelmingly reassuring feeling. The track’s lyrics tackle the difficulty of contemplating one’s life’s purpose and navigating where to go. The melody is beautifully infectious with instrumentals that captivate you until the very end, “But I came so far to get lost at sea / Oh where the hell am I supposed to be?”

Cry Baby (feat. Lord Apex) by Brad stank

Incorporating alternative, R&B, and jazz components, Brad stank has released another track that pushes the boundaries of a singular genre. His deep silky vocals deliver a rap alongside a sickening guitar. Lord Apexs’ flow with the beat is effortless, further showing the exceptional talent the song is infused with. The outro is a luscious saxophone, allowing for a tranquil end to the track, “Flows is kinda foul just like embezzlement, intelligent / But still ain't got the bezzle in.”

Kool-Aid by Bring Me The Horizon

An unsparing start to the song, the punk rock/metal band is making their comeback known loud and clear. With crashing drums and intoxicating electric guitars, the track is overpowering in every sense of the word. An oscillating beat and intense screams added in, “Kool-Aid” has daunting lyricism whilst incorporating instrumentals that keep the melody consistent throughout, “The void is a vampire, fat on our blood / Domesticated like a cat in a cage.”

Lilly by LOVA

A beautifully heartbreaking and deeply vulnerable song. LOVA allows us, the listener, in on an emotionally honest track that’s filled with a myriad of feelings only she could understand. While the song comes from her own experience, her songwriting creates an open space for others to also relate to. The acoustic guitar and gentle vocal harmonies create the heartfelt song of “Lilly”, “Maybe I was wrong for thinking you were indestructible, that you don’t get emotional / Lilly, I’m so sorry.”

Ezekiel’s Wheel by Erick the Architect and George Clinton

Lyricism that takes you through the mind of Erick the Architect, with alluring storytelling along the groovy melody– with help from funk master George Clinton. The track is infused with origins of hip-hop, funk, and soul, which further showcases the musical expertise of both artists. A hypnotic, psychedelic song with a rap delivery of passion and lyrics of poetry, “Can't repel what's in my head, I jot in thought and form and speech / Some say it's poetry, some say it's ESP.”

Lifeboat by Tim Atlas and Raphael Future

Mesmerizing melodies mixed with harmonies and relaxed drums create a special atmosphere while listening to “Lifeboat”. Gentle vocals enter with a groovy beat alongside a distinctive guitar strum. The intriguing imagery in the songwriting summons the thought-provoking metaphor of ultimately sinking from life, “Something’s gotta give out / We’re just a memory, shadows of our past selves floating away.”

Wasted Youth by goddard. and Cat Burns

The house/edm producer collaborating with genre-bending Cat Burns gives us a track that’s definitely going to be a hit at the club. Burns’ strong vocals carry throughout the song seamlessly as the beat progressively quickens before the drop and synths enter in heavily. Lyrically, it’s a catchy song that’s both relatable and easily enjoyable with a stellar melody.

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