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New Music Monday - 6/26/23

Half-Past Twelve by Moxie

Moxie is a small band from Vermont that cannot be classified as just an indie pop band when there are hints of rock and r&b. “Half-Past Twelve” has a perfect entrance into the song, with a little bit of the electric guitar getting picked up and carried to blend naturally with other instruments. This song is one that you’d nod your head with on the drive to the beach with your friends. Getting lost in the rhythm of the song but also observing the self-aware lyrics, it’s a beautiful juxtaposition between how the music makes you feel compared to the words of the song.

Anybody by Maeta

Maeta uses her vocals to beautifully express the wants of one specific person. Her alternative R&B album “When I Hear Your Name” takes a fun change with the song “Anybody” with a deeper bass and drum. The collaboration with SZA for the writing, you can hear background vocals and adlibs that truly complete the song. This is just a feel-good song with lyrics that show the yearning for someone. It can potentially make you feel down bad, but you can’t help to dance along. While there is not much depth within the lyrics, it’s enough for just about anybody to relate to, either on a good or bad day!

Get Lost by Windser

Another upbeat song with somber lyrics that hit hard. Windser (Jordan Topf) is an indie/alternative writer and “Get Lost” was just released on June 12th with dreamy guitar riffs and strong drums. The track begins bubbly and fun and continues throughout. However, if you are listening to the words, he expresses how there is a sense of desperation in trying to figure out the feelings of anxiety and depression and how to abandon them. By the end of the song Topf conveys that, sometimes leaving everything behind and going into the unknown can be the “answer” to getting through difficult emotions.

That Is My Life, That Is Yours by King Krule

King Krule released his album “Space Heavy” with metaphorical and mesmerizing lyrics that quite literally can send you off into space. “That Is My Life, That Is Yours” is more of a jazzy song with the addition of a beautiful saxophone solo which further elaborates on the feeling of getting lost and looking for love. By 1:40 in the song, the melancholy beat transitions into an instrumental with drums and an electric guitar, which feels as though it represents some sort of continual cycle of searching for love. Written by Archy Marshall, his deep voice is soothing and simultaneously enigmatic, creating an alluring listening experience. It can be a delicate wind-down song or an introspective approach to the lyrics and their meaning.

Hypochondriac by Savoia

Savoia, an NYC indie rock band released their single “Hypochondriac” with strong drums and a sick guitar riff preparing the chorus. I felt like I was listening to an early 2000’s rock song with lead singer, Lucas Allan’s, rich voice carrying through the song. The added “oohs” and “ahs” prep for this to be an interactive song heard live. The verses have a slow catchy beat to head nod to while transitioning into the fun instrumentals behind the chorus. The bridge has angsty lyrics to sing along with and ends with an insane electric guitar, bass, and drum to finish off.

Attention by Doja Cat

Her comeback to music has been greatly anticipated by pretty much everyone. The beginning of the track feels like a dream with a plethora of instrumentals next to her light vocals. Once she begins to rap, the lyrics are clever and witty showing her true place in the music industry. Doja did not come to play with this song, and I’m sure is only growing the excitement fans have for more music. Her flow on the beat moves quickly but smoothly and her lyric “Look at me, look at me/ You lookin’?” truly highlights her confidence in what she is doing and wants everyone to know it. “Attention” is that song that the lyrics truly show Doja Cat got to where she is with her hard work and talent, no funny business.

Where You Go by Kiana Ledé & Khalid

The beautiful vocals harmonizing by Ledé and Khalid make this song what it is. The R&B song has a strong background beat with lyrics that showcases the dedication of being close to one person. It embodies how much of an effect a significant other can have on one’s emotions, reactions, and livelihood. The minor but obvious manipulation of the vocals at the start makes this song intriguing but also ironically honest within the lyrics. This track is a quick one but worth it to be played on repeat with its catchy recurrent lyrics at the end.

Long Limbs by The Brook and The Bluff

The Brook & The Bluff set the tone for their upcoming album “Bluebeard” (out September 15th) with the release of the new single “Long Limbs”—a funky alternative song with an airy musical background and strong drums. The song encapsulates the desire of wanting to go back to the good parts of a relationship with someone. Trying to stay in touch with being in love rather than allowing the relationship to run its course. With the song beginning and ending with the same lyrics, “Pick up where we left off/ I don’t think we could”, it indicates that although there is hope in mending what has happened and moving on, it is not realistic

But Not Kiss by Faye Webster

Webster’s return to releasing music with the new single “But Not Kiss” is tenacious yet afraid, gracious yet aloof, aspiring yet feckless. A beautiful contradictory song filled with confusion but understanding. The track starts soft and slow and then transitions into an abrupt array of instrumentals and this continues throughout the song. The line begins slow and steady with lyrics of yearning, “I want to see you in my dreams…” and then the addition of sudden instrumentals of the piano and drums on the line, “but then forget”. The way the music ties together with the emotion of the lyrics shows Webster’s consistency in creating heart-hitting songs about being in love or being anti-love, whichever resonates.

On My Mama by Victoria Monét

Sampling Chalie Boy’s early 00’s “I Look Good”, Victoria Monét adds an R&B positive twist to the song. Her soulful dreamy voice combined with positive affirmations through the track, “On My Mama” is one of those self-empowering songs. While it’s a slower and more chill vibe, it is definitely one played to hype yourself up while getting ready to go out. A feel-good song that uplifts while simultaneously vibing, a great pair! One lyric being, “Done being the humble type”, Monét’s confidence is evident and mixed well with superb horns and a groovy bass in the back.

Perceptions by Meshell Ndegeocello ft Jason Morgan

For those who appreciate beautiful instrumentals rather than the story behind the lyrics, Meshell Ndegeocello’s “Perceptions” ft Jason Morgan is worth the listen. A short track with repeating sentences can emotionally send you in ways never thought of before. “Don’t let your outside world / Distract you from your inner world” is sung as almost a mantra, a reminder for yourself, while a soothing piano plays in the back. The piano solo after the chant is done is trance-like, making it difficult to not reflect on how the melody, along with the words makes you feel. A slower song on her album, “The Omnichord Real Book”; however, the ethereal aura while playing it makes it feel as if time is moving slowly.

SKINSUIT by Sam The Woo

"SKINSUIT” is a groovy, eclectic, and striking single released on June 23rd by artist Sam The Woo. Her unique voice and use of instrumentals create a mixture of eccentric jazz/r&b sounds. The strong bass hit towards the end of the song, with Sam’s tranquil voice humming alongside it preparing for the last verse. All I can say is it is obvious the creative thought and care put into the making of this song. The witty and imaginative lyrics express the feelings of feeling trapped within yourself, showing up as a different person towards others.

Written by Amy Kapel

Graphic by Ryan Murray

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