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New Music Monday: 7/24/23

Love Like This by ZAYN

After two years since his last album release, ZAYN makes a comeback with the single ‘Love Like This’ showing us what to expect with new music in the near future. This track is undeniably ZAYN with powerful vocals, bold lyrics, and a clean mixture of genres that effortlessly blend into one another. It is a true pop song combined with hints of R&B and electronic knowledge. With a hypnotizing melody and beautiful piano chords, this song encapsulates the feeling of truly falling for someone and what life is like with this new person, “Doesn’t matter if it’s left or it’s right/ Your direction is on my mind”.

The Weekend by Stormzy & RAYE

Starting off the song strong, RAYE begins with a jazz/soul-influenced intro, and Stormzy jumps in with flirtatious banter. Both artists relate in their background of south London origins, briefly mentioned in the second verse, this track highlights both artists' strong suits while adding playful charm, unique to them. ‘The Weekend’ is a clear hit with RAYE’s confident vocals and Stormzy's quick-witted pick-up lines throughout the verses. A steady and strong bass set up perfectly for the alternating duet setting a plan to meet up, “How about a Thursday, ayy? (Hm, Thursday is tight)/ Is Friday a vibe? (Aight, Friday we live)/

On the weekend we will be just fine”

De Selby (Part 2) by Hozier

Hozier’s third album “Unreal Unearth” is set to come out on August 18th, leaving fans eager since his last album release in 2019. ‘De Selby (Part 2)’ is a unique and multifaceted song, being second on the new album, which embodies sounds of alternative, soul, indie-rock, and has a groovy feeling to it. His captivating voice draws you into the chorus preparing you for rhythmic melodies. With riveting lyrics that make you ponder, Hozier has released a track that leaves us all feeling impatient for the album release, “I wanna run against the world that’s turning/ I’d move so fast that I’d outpace the dawn”.

why do you fight by aldn

In the release of his EP, ‘the end’, aldn once again delivers hyper pop incorporated songs that still linger on the question of “what genre am I listening to?” The fifth track ‘why do you fight’ has recurrent lyrics wondering about the complications within a relationship. Not even hitting the minute mark on the song, there is a rise of electronic beats and instrumentals that transition into a soft guitar strum and reflective lyrics, “I could’ve said a lot more than I said/ I could’ve did a lot more than I did”. The entire track has a prominent bass and powerful drums that tie the song together into a punk-alt-hyper pop mix, an ambiguous genre, once again proving aldn’s growth as an artist.

hell is a teenage girl by Nessa Barrett

Title track of her new EP-album, ‘hell is a teenage girl’ incorporates mesmerizing instrumentals and raw lyrics. Barrett is known for releasing music that not only moves the audience but is also something that many can relate to. She is authentic and honest, expressing the tribulations of the expectations of women put onto them by men, “It might be a man’s world/ But I’ll watch it burn/Hell is a teenage girl”. The outro plays out an ominous piano and sirens leaving listeners feeling haunted.

Burn With Me by The Criticals

Opening with a bass riff that pulls you in, ‘Burn With Me’ is the fifth track on The Criticals new EP- Front Door Confrontations. With previous releases and sold-out headlining tours, The Criticals have made themselves the rock band from Nashville. Strong drums and an enticing electric guitar with husky vocals make this track the embodiment of a rock song for the summer. The lyrics are compelling and go along well with the mystique the song evokes, “But if you open up the sky I’ll listen/ Lay back and burn with me”.

Barbaric by Blur

After eight years since their last album release, Blur has put out “Ballad of Darren” discussing feelings of time passed and introspection. ‘Barbaric’ is truly a painfully deep song hidden behind upbeat, feel-good melodies. Their harmonies and use of exciting instrumentals make it difficult not to get lost in the feeling the track provokes. The heartbreak, although hidden well, is heard loud and clear with the repeating lines, “We have lost the feelings that we thought we’d never lose/ It is barbaric”.

Written by Amy Kapel

Graphic by Ryan Murray

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