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New Music Monday: 7/3/23

Heartquake by L'Impératrice ft. Cuco

This track would be played at the climax of a really good movie, right when the main characters do something that makes the audience wish they were in the movie. Listening to the song in its entirety was something of an astonishing trip, with the sextet singing in French and Cuco’s Spanish, it all blends together in a beautiful way. An intoxicating disco sound that has an addictive effect, made to be on repeat. It’s perfect to dance to at summer parties or clubs where everyone can find something they love about the song. Whether it be the breakdown during the bridge, its psychedelic lyrics, or the quick beat, there’s something anybody could appreciate.

Alive by Bakar

The new single “Alive” released by Bakar along with a date (September 1st) for his upcoming album ‘Halo’, shows us his genius as the alternative/pop artist of the UK. Starting off with a clean guitar riff and a steady bass, Bakar’s lyrics are simple but all too relatable. He depicts the feeling of wanting to appreciate what you already have in your life, “I know the sunshine isn’t promised/ so I put it in my pocket”, but also not fixating on it all. His talents not only lie in lyricism, but also in his skilled production work, and musicality being inspired from home, London. This track seems to be “feel-good” but holds depth within its words, and is still one you’d add to your summer playlist!

Uncertainty by Lauren Corrigan

Singer/songwriter Lauren Corrigan’s single “Uncertainty” is painfully raw and honest with a daunting bridge that creatively incorporates different instrumentals. The song encapsulates the trepidation of growing up and not knowing what comes next. She writes of the pain and truth of the past and how they are still alive in all of us, making us who we are. The track from start to finish feels intimate, with strong killer drums, and a lullful end.

Sex by Starbenders

Atlanta-based rockstars, Starbenders, have their new album ‘Take Back The Night’ coming out September 22nd and their single “Sex” gives a taste of what to expect from the upcoming punk rock group. The track is bold and provocative, one you’d join the moshpit for.

The lyrics seem pretty straightforward but with alluring lines like “The pendulum forever swings with the hands of time” it creates a deeper complexity. Then, the guitar solo traps you in the song, further showing the creativity within the band musically and lyrically.

Nothing To Lose by Wild Blue Yonder

A soulful, jazzy, and dreamy song that includes a beautiful mix of instruments and adoring lyrics. The entire song is an experience, one to dance and sing along to. Mid-song there is an interlude of an electric guitar, light drums, and mesmerizing keys in the background carrying you to a different realm. The track has lyrics of devotion to one person and what love can do to someone. A saxophone included makes this song feel more sophisticated, with rich vocals showcasing true talent and excellence.

Cold-Hearted Man by Sammy Rae & The Friends

Sammy Rae & The Friends took a song and made it a period piece, absolutely transporting you to a 1920s jazz club. The lyrics convey a story of men being good at first and then turning into someone “cold-hearted”. Rae has explained that the song was written back in 2016, but due to the overturn of Roe V. Wade last summer, the song became an ironic depiction of the progress we have made, but also how these old and tired themes between gender equality are still very prevalent in today’s society. Her old-timey voice truly brings a feeling of the past, just like these new laws and expectations of a woman’s bodily autonomy. The instrumentals tie the entire track together, again, a complete jazz song that is unique from the rest of their discography.

Coal Hearts by Kiki Kramer

With a memorable chorus and fun beat, “Coal Hearts” is the perfect pop/dance song of the summer. The intro starts off strong and bold with sassy lyrics and catchy “La la la’s” throughout the song. Kiki, originally from Cali, is now based in NYC releasing pop music with straightforward lyrics that anyone can party to. Whether you are pregaming to go out and you turn this on or you have aux, this should be going on every hot girl’s playlist.

Written by Amy Kapel

Graphic by Ryan Murray

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