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Rouge Music Festival at The Sultan Room

On a hot, humid, and rainy Saturday, The Sultan Room hosted the second day of the Rogue Music Festival. And it is without a doubt that the festival is showcasing some of the best and underrated talent in New York and starting with Grandma, a singer-DJ soloist who amped up the crowds escaping into the AC on Saturday. Followed up by rock band Nihiloceros influenced the audience's head-banging. Bands brought their talent and merch, like Hard Nips, a Japanese girl rock band that hand-crocheted bikini tops for sale.

And the party did not stop on Saturday, with the festival continuing at 3 Dollar Bill the next day.

Starting the show, Megagonefree took center stage in a sultry red dress, ending up in only very thin lingerie, followed by talented backup dancers in bras and tiny shorts. We are so obsessed. Their set made everyone (and I mean everyone) horny. Goo and Leone's bands brought the audience to tears with heart-wrenching vulnerability following that stunning performance.

There was a musician for everyone at the festival. A wide variety of local talent that Rogue Music Festival is determined to help widen its audience. In between acts, people would bounce from the stage to the local vendors selling custom-made jewelry, festival wear, and even tattoo artist. The festival started in the late afternoon and ran late into the night, perfect for early birds and night owls.

To read more about the making of the Rogue Music Festival, check out our interview with the organizers.

Miss out on the festival? Check out our Spotify and discover some of the local talent showcased during this iconic weekend!

Written by Delfina Barbiero

Photography by @kiangannonn, Michelle LoBianco, @gannonpadgett for Rogue Music Festival

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