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The Ashvin Show Live: A New Listening Experience

"The Ashvin Show Live" is a unique and new style of a podcast/radio show. I saw the social media shares and posters promoting "The Ashvin Show Live Live". I thought that this was something super unique, new, and engaging. I reached out and set up an interview all the way back in December, and am so happy we got the chance to talk! Here is The Ashvin Show!

1. What was your inspiration behind the show? Any radio shows or podcasts in particular?

My inspiration was definitely a combination of SNL and literally, every late-night show that exists. Even though we are in a radio medium I always write the show as though we are performing for a theater audience. I’ve been watching late-night shows since I was way too young and I’ve always dreamed of doing my own version. The Ashvin Show Live is what I think a late-night show in this era should be.

2. What made you want to do a show in front of an audience?

I love audiences. I love the energy you are able to create when you have an audience. For the time that we are all in this same room, we are sharing an experience. When we threw the first "The Ashvin Show Live Live" back in May 2022 it was a magical experience. It was a tiny audience of like 20 people in a lecture hall but for the hour or so that we were all together it was pretty magical. I was so nervous I had never done anything like that before, not only that, but I also hadn't performed in so long as well. But somehow this perfect storm just paid off and it was a great show. It was mad intimate too. And then when we came back in the fall I knew I had to go big for "The Ashvin Show Live Live 2" We upgraded venues, we increased marketing, literally all the stops were pulled and by golly it paid off. That night we had a full packed house, and also a nicely engaged audience. That night I realized that when we do the show with an audience it’s just a more beautiful experience because you feel the energy. The energy in the room for the live live 2 was truly magical.

3. What's your favorite episode you’ve done and why?

My favorite episode has to be our season 4 premiere. It was the beginning of the fall semester so we had been on a very long three-month break and I had been working so much on upgrades for the show. The premiere guests (Eddie Renshaw and Sol Smith) were one of my favorite duos. When we have two guests who play off of each other well the whole episode just transforms. I also just had so much material I wanted to cover that I couldn’t over the summer. Not to toot my own horn but during the sketch I told a joke so funny my co-host fell out of his chair. Not going to lie, it raised the bar for me. I've been trying to get him to fall out again every single episode since and haven’t been able to. I got close but it turns out he was just swinging back and forth.

4. What’s in store for the future?!

The future is bright for The Ashvin Show Live, we are starting our fifth season in February and we’ve got some great things that I’m not sure I can discuss right now. But let me tell you it’s going to be big. It’s our fifth season and I know it’s time for a big change. The show as you know it is going to change. For all updates follow @theashvinshow. #livefive

5. If you could be any kitchen utensil, what would it be?

I think I’d wanna be a spork. Everyone shits on the spork until you're eating some rice and you need it. You don't want us till you realize you need us.

Thank you so much to Ashvin for taking the time to answer these questions and take these amazing photos in the 20 degree weather! I thought the spork answer was truly beautiful. If you want to stay updated with The Ashvin Show and all of their exciting upcoming projects and shows, the instagram is above!

Photographed and Interviewed by Mark Bluemle

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