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Rollerblading With Ry

What made you get back into rollerblading?

I got back into rollerblading when I was reminded how good I used to be at it. I went skiing with my friend and had expected to be good at skiing because I figured it was similar to rollerblading. When I discovered how horrible I was at skiing, I figured I should stick to what I’m good at; rollerblading.

Why do you skate?

I skate as an outlet for my frustrations. I like being good at things; currently my bass playing is not where I want it to be, so when I’m frustrated with it I’ll skate. Also, it's just fun to move fast!

What tips do you have for beginners?

I would still consider myself a beginner; I have just recently gotten into learning to do skate park stuff, which I’m still working on. An important tip I would give is, you have to learn how to catch yourself from basic falls. Once you stop fully falling, you can try over and over again until you succeed.

Interviewed and Photographed by Mark Bluemle

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