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The Best Places to Tan in NYC

A New York City summer! If you’re still feeling your winter/spring paleness - have no fear! You can easily get your tan on without ever leaving the city. Here are your 5 must-go to’s to get your summer tan in action!

Sheeps Meadow in Central Park

Not a surprise to most, but to those new to New York, seeing the girls in their bikinis is a new sight. Central Park is where you will find the girls in their bikinis, guys in their board shorts, and everyone in between playing frisbee, drinking wine on a picnic blanket, and living carefree. You will find expansive grass fields to have the picnic of your dream, a kickball tournament, play frisbee, play with the dogs of the city, or just take a nap… AFTER layering your sunscreen on of course!

Rockaway Beach

Did you know that you never have to leave the city for a beach day, when Rockaway beach is just a train away?! Located in Queens, this golden sandy beach includes all of your favorite things; the sound of waves crashing, surfing lessons, outdoor bars, food trucks, and of course, the sun to get that tan on! Make sure to bring your favorite book, spike ball if you’re going with your group of friends, your digital camera, and sunscreen… No, we didn’t forget about that mom.

Your Best Friends Rooftop Pool… or The Rockaway Hotel & Spa

If you’re lucky enough to have a best friend with a rooftop then by all means, you’re set! But for the majority of us… we are not as lucky.

After spending the day at Rockaway Beach, you hear about ‘The Rockaway Hotel & Spa’. Day passes for non-hotel guests are $100 which includes experiencing the pool area, sets of the summer DJs, and summer cocktails. The pass also includes access to the infrared sauna, lounge spaces, towels, and robes! Queens might just be the spot for soaking up the sun this summer.

Washington Square Park

Housing the iconic fountain, free hug signs, weed on the side of the road, and street jazz artists, located in the heart of East Village is a skater boys' place, Washington square park. Washington square park has the right amount of grass area to lie down after getting the oyster happy hour around the corner. Make sure to bring your cute lighter just in case the cute person lighting up beside you forgot theirs and then next thing you know, you're going to that oyster place together.

Pier 45

If the phrase “The green beach” sounds familiar, you must have heard of Pier 45! The place with all of the pride flags hanging is where you’ll find live music, salsa dancing on Sundays, people in their bikinis, and everyone in between. Pack a towel, slippers, and a book, and stay the whole day to tan. Make sure to stay til 8:00 for that beautiful New York sunset!

Written by Keanaloha Watson

Pictures Shot and Edited by Jenna Hazelwood

Creative Direction and Styling by Keanaaloha Watson

Coral Reef Dress by Kari Alexandra

Models (From L to R on cover): Amy Kapel, Alexis Rios, Kaenaloaha Watson, Serge Beaucéjour, Jazzi Almestica

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