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The Groovy Garage Rock Band Komodos

Komodos is a garage rock group based in Brooklyn, New York, that started just last year and consists of Hunter Boivin (guitar), Ben Baumann (bass), Kabir Dugal (drums), and Taran Dugal (vocals and guitar). Like other bands, they are influenced by the dynamism of living in New York City and draw energy from it, as shown in their live performances. I recently caught them at Baby's All Right, and every time I see them, it is a fun, intimate session where everyone is welcome to dance and groove away the set.

Komodos has a calling for making everyone feel welcomed through their audience interaction, bringing them closer to the stage or even saying, "If you buy merch, I’ll buy you a drink". Most bands do not have stage banter, but Komodos makes it clear that they are not like other bands.

Their set emphasizes the structure of their songs, which flow off of catchiness and buildups. Each of their songs starts slow, before reaching a high point towards the middle, and finally slowing back down to rebuild this energy towards the end. Their last song emphasizes this pattern best, with Taran singing and each member coming in slowly until they are increasingly getting louder, with the band being well trained, they understand how to bring this energy down and restart the build-up even louder than before ending with a bang. People after the set were left wanting more, chanting "One more song, one more song", sadly what is difficult about attending a Komodos show is not being able to hear these songs again until the next one. They only have one EP out, K.O., consisting of four songs. They have been working on new material, and hopefully, we do not have to wait too long.

From performance to the music, even the way Komodos record their songs sets them apart from other bands. They record their songs in their apartment with one amp in each room while standing next to the drum kit, giving the impression that they are performing live and authenticating their sound.

They describe themselves as "garage rock to dance to" while bringing other genres in. They have similar sounds to alternative rock and post-punk bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, and more with their style of drumming. Most songs have a metal drum style, and the guitar riffs add to their heavier sound. Even in their songwriting styles, they have messages that range from political to personal, from the issues of social media to social issues that apply to grunge and punk lyricism.

Komodos, a young band, has grounded every facet of their band so well that, when seeing them live, you assume they have been playing for ages. Go see a Komodos show and dance the night away.

Written by Veronica Anaya

Photography by Audrey Cicerello

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