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Virgo's Groove

HAPPY PSL (pumpkin spice latte) SEASON, but more importantly… HAPPY VIRGO SEASON!

Now, we all know Instagram astrology, Virgos are “know it alls, worrywarts, and too critical.” Let us get into the true astrology where a Virgo life cycle is often represented by the Greek goddess of spring and winter, Persephone. Virgos are mutable analytical thinkers who are mature beyond age and have so much kindness to give to the world.

The Queen of Queens, or so they will end up. When reading about a Virgo, there is typically one narrative: they are super clean and nitpicky, routine-oriented and they can never be wrong. While sometimes true, a Virgo has a lot of outfits they wear. Some may hold your “typical” Virgo tendencies, and some may see themselves as careless, fearless, and even destructive at times. While other Virgos could be aligned, in tune, and we'll both. How is this so? By the three stages in the sign of Virgo.

Dive into yourself and you will find the treasure beneath the surface.

There are three stages to every zodiac sign. The stages of a Virgo are the maiden, the dark maiden, and the Queen. While each sign has three stages within them, the Virgo stages are quite interesting because of the polarity between the first and second, and ultimately, the combination of both within the Queen.

The first stage of a Virgo is the maiden, or virgin. The maiden is how most Virgos are perceived by outsiders: young, innocent, naive, in search of exploration, sees the best in everyone, and very kind. They also typically hold very high standards for themselves and everyone around them. This can lead to being disappointed, betrayed, and self-conscious. With the high standards they hold for themselves, trying to be picture-perfect on the outside while not acknowledging what's going on inside is very common. The maiden is often compared to the Japanese dolls. Dolls that are perfection. It is a good example of how they want the world to view them- A perfect front. Those high standards the Virgo sets for themselves can lead to a lot of betrayal and trust issues. Through disrespect, disappointment, and insecurities, the maiden will then transform into her next form, the dark maiden.

Once Persphone leaves spring, she goes into winter. Typically, when one is in the dark maiden, they will not realize they are. The dark maiden represents the polar opposite of what the maiden represents. While the maiden is goal-oriented, the dark maiden is a free spirit. Though the maiden analyzes every decision, the dark maiden couldn't care less about the consequences of her actions. The maiden tries to fit into every perfect box they create for themselves while the dark maiden breaks every box that the maiden created. This is a very destructive time for a virgoVirgo as they tend to lose themselves in the change of mindset. Some may know that something is off with them, but not sure what. Once Virgo tastes freedom and allows themselves to be free, the dark maiden will ride the wave until she cannot. The wave is a 10-foot Hawaiian wave. Others will typically see what is going on with the Virgo before they do. If not careful, the dark maiden can lead to self-isolation and possible depression. A common trait within the Virgos in Dark Maiden is they try to process their emotions logically instead of feeling their emotions. Don’t be scared though! There is a way out! With isolation comes Virgo's natural ability of introspection. Born of that then comes the QUEEN -

When Virgo can find a balance between spring and winter, can she become her full authentic self? During this year of constant transition, the Virgo has felt a lot of the darkness, however, after darkness comes light. The QUEEN is light and dark, accepting all parts of her, ugly & pretty, being a know-it-all and not knowing anything, listening & speaking her mind. The word QUEEN speaks for itself. The Queen is aligned and comes as herself in every situation she puts herself in. The Queen is waiting for you, the shadow work is waiting for you, the inner child work is waiting for you. All the Queen has done is unlock and love and respect all of herself.

VIRGOS, know that you have everything you need inside you. Trust yourself and drink your chai latte. If you are in the dark maiden stage, acknowledge it if you are ready, and prepare for the work it takes to become your true Queen self.

Written by Ka'enaaloha Watson

Photography by Khameron Auerbach

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