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Why Leo Season is the Best SZN

Leo season is FINALLY upon us! It started on July 23rd and will end on August 22nd. Now even if you’re not a Leo, Leo season is the best season… and here's why.

Treat Yourself:

Leo season is the perfect excuse to take some extra me time. TREAT YOURSELF! That $7 coffee you haven’t had in a month because... Let’s face it, a $7 coffee is insane. Leo season is the time to splurge! Haven’t had a haircut since you can’t remember when? Leo season is here. Primp and pamper yourself to the Gods, just because you deserve it.

Take Pride in Your Self-Care:

Leo season is also the best time to not only pamper yourself but gas yourself up at every opportunity. Leos are stereotypically a little more… flamboyant in their self-care. But why was that decided to be a bad thing? Leo season is a great time to give yourself that spa day and paint your nails with makeshift cucumber eye masks from your fridge.

Spend Some Time Outside:

Leos are typically known as a more sunny and extroverted sign, which means you should go outside! Take a hike! Have a picnic with friends. Spend the day at a lake or a beach or a river. Sit outside in the sun with your shades on, grab a good book (and maybe a $7 coffee), and enjoy the great outdoors.

Make Friends (Or Remeet the Old Ones):

Speaking of extroverted… Leo season is a great time to make new friends! Walk up to that one girl that you always see at your favorite coffee shop and strike up a conversation! If that’s a little too much for our more introverted friends, (I’m an Aries if you couldn’t tell) why not DM that someone you’re only kinda friends with and become actual friends?

Make Someone Smile:

Along with being sunny and extroverted, Leos are characterized as being generous and loyal. Even if making friends with strangers isn’t your forte, making someone smile can be. Walk up to a stranger and compliment their outfit (in true fire sign fashion) and make their day!

Get Comfy:

Have you needed an excuse to get cozy recently? Leo SZN is the perfect excuse! Make a cup of tea, get wrapped up in a bundle of blankets, and turn on that show or movie everyone has been telling you about but you haven’t had the time to watch. Leos are seen as comfort people for some, so why not be the comfort person for yourself?

Love Fiercely:

If you know anything about Leos (or astrology generally) you probably know that Leos love their friends and family fiercely with all their heart. If you haven’t reached out to your long-distance bestie recently, or if you’ve been putting off that phone call with your mom, now is that chance to reach out to those you love and remind them how much you love them.

Let Go of Grudges:

Leo’s are also known to be very… how do I put this? Stubborn? Hard-headed? Strong-willed? Strong-willed! Leo’s are very strong-willed, which means they tend to hold grudges. Leo season is a good time to let go of some grudges that, let’s face it, even you know are silly, and release some tension with you and a friend or loved one.

Pursue Your Passions:

Love photography? Music? Drawing? Cooking? Whatever it is that you love, Leo season is a fantastic reason to get back into it. Pursue the passion that you’ve been putting on the back burner, and let your passion take center stage for a little bit.

Take the Leap:

Finally, take the leap. Dye your hair that crazy color. Get that nose piercing. Go skydiving! Bring out that Leo romanticism and ask that special someone out on a date. Whatever that something is you need to take a leap to do, DO IT. Leo season is a great time to put your best foot forward and use some drive and confidence (like a true Leo) to explore possibilities you never thought possible.

Hopefully, this list of 10 fabulous Leo traits will help you make the best of Leo season, and party all month long. Who says the party has to end there? Use these Leo traits all year to help you be the best you can be.

Written by Lucy Anderson

Photography by Mark Bluemle, Charli Adkeev, Ka'enaaloha Watson

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