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MUSAS: The Sister Band of Fantasy

Cover art for "Fantasy" by @foravisual

Once Upon a Time, in a faraway land of electrifying R&B music and captivating Afrobeats, three sisters create a refreshing fusion of musical enchantment.

Keisha, Fiorella, and Fiona are the sisters of MUSAS.

What is MUSAS, you may ask? Well, MUSAS is the sister band that is here to shake up the music industry, and with rapidly growing momentum.

This band is guaranteed to inspire individuality and encourage connectivity all the same through sisterhood and song.

Their newest single, “Fantasy” is a prime example of fluid talent and ever-growing glamor. For these sisters, the importance of expression starts from the beginning.

“Glam for me is what you’re born with, like how you present yourself in your own personal style,” says Fiona, the middle sister as well as the bass player and songwriter for the band.

“In the music videos, we all have our own style in movement, hair, fashion, and everything,” says Fiorella, the youngest sister, who also writes, sings, plays the piano, and produces for MUSAS.

This is very clear in the music video for Fantasy, where elements of shining show biz, elegantly crafted fairytales, and graceful acrobatics are shown in the explosive visuals.

The middle sister, Fiona, chimes in by adding, “When we match colors or themes, we all have our own style and interpretation for that theme. For example, Fiorella likes the Y2K, Kiesha likes the grunge, and I’m with the Baddie aesthetic.”

Fantasy isn’t the only song and video that represents each of the sisters’ complementing yet distinguishable personalities.

Patience (released this past November) and Destino (released in Summer 2021) are also powerful songs that give MUSAS their sense of glam and sparkle in the music industry.

Although all of the songs from MUSAS have their own specific style and message behind the lyrics, it’s assured that MUSAS is refreshing and they are passionate in their talents in music.

As Kiesha, the oldest and arranger, songwriter, and singer for the band states, “We’re doing something that is not in the industry right now.”

Which is very true. No one is doing it like MUSAS, and certainly not as glamorous.

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Written by Celeste Wolf

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