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New Music Monday #19

On Your Side by The Last Dinner Party

A slow ballad that moves you in ways that only music can. Creative lyricism plays a big part in the song’s compelling attribute along with the gorgeous instrumentals. Piano keys sneak in subtly with powerful drums that feel as mesmerizing as the vocals in front of them. Nothing in the track overpowers anything else, instrumentals, vocals, and the storyline all shine brightly on their own as the outro plays the guitar refrain slowly sending you into an abyss, “The wind was so blinding so I clung to you / And you smiled so sweetly as you threw me”.

Down Bitter by november girl

A powerful song filled with raw emotion and an intense message that leaves you questioning. The track has a consistent melody with the drums and bass melding together to create an eerie feeling throughout. Lead singer Willa’s vocals are soft yet intense, further delivering the song’s dark emotion of powerlessness. Toward the end there is a satisfying guitar solo that wraps up the song perfectly with Willa’s haunting last lines, “I slither / Strip down bitter / I’m bitter”.

Mr. Incorrect by Malcolm Todd

Sometimes the only way to describe a song is just by saying it's really good. “Mr. Incorrect'' is really good! From start to finish it’s a chill song with sultry vocals and creative use of instrumentals. The lyrics portray the feelings and contemplations of moving on from someone but then finding joy after it's over. A guitar strum starts the song off and drums effortlessly join along Todd’s vocals. As the track enters the outro, an alluring guitar solo overtakes the listener, “I’m thanking you for having me / Now I’m on and I made a new song”.

Now And Then by The Beatles

The first (and last) new song released by The Beatles, a demo recorded by John Lennon back in 1977, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney brought the band back together for one last time with the help of audio AI. The track is a classic Beatles song, filled with deep longing and love, one that moves us forever. Harrison's guitar riffs played angelically in the back, a gorgeous string arrangement, and Lennon's vocals being brought back together to melt effortlessly with McCartney’s, “I want you to be there for me / Always to return to me”.

worlds greatest emoter by bar italia

An electric track that keeps the listener enamored as each verse contains something new and exciting. Pulsating synths, a commanding electric guitar, and dynamic drums combine perfectly with the differing vocals presented throughout the song. The indie-rock/post-punk vibe continues as the beat picks up, sustaining that feeling of wanting to head bang along, “Wasted your look, tryna keep it young / Wait till I’m there, back under the sun”.

Whip It Up by Justine Skye

Playful and upbeat, “Whip It Up” blends elements of pop, dance, and r&b making this short track a perfect one to dance along to. The beat is quick and the production makes it more addicting with Skye’s seductive vocals captivating you. Her confidence is felt through the rhythm and delivery, “Anyone before me was a waste of time / Curiosity will feed your appetite”.

Moon by Teethe

Mainly instrumentals and softly sung lyrics, “Moon” is hauntingly beautiful. The track leaves a mysterious feeling of wonder behind the meaning of the words. The exchange between both vocalists blend faultlessly, complementing one another. Guitar riffs and the steady drum beat complete the track's fascinating lyricism, “I’ll wear your name like a grave / To wilt and die like a rose”. In its entirety, the production and execution of the song has its own unique vibe, one that is indescribable.

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