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New Music Monday #40

Under The Tree by Victoria Bigelow

Hypnotizingly raw, “Under The Tree” is a beautifully honest song with a sweet melody. A simple guitar strums throughout the track as Bigelow’s moody soft vocals hum into the tranquil bridge. Her vocal delivery is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey and her musical sound reminds me of Alexandra Savior. Through this, Bigelow creates music that is distinctive to just her, especially through her vivid lyrical storytelling, “I figured how to live with all this pain / I sing to that from whence I came / The dark beckons the flame.”

April by Local Natives

An immediate psychedelic trance takes over while listening to “April”, moving you through a sonic journey. Describing the sound to someone who’s never heard of Local Native, I’d compare this track to Tame Impala, that same dreamy, bass-heavy music that can stay on repeat because it’s just that good. Fluid harmonies throughout with a strong drum beat, soft guitar riffs, and synths that create an intoxicating melody, “​​Lights out on the way home / If you didn't know how I fеlt, April, now you know.”

Atlanta by Brother Zulu

Definition of a groovy and addicting melody right off the bat. “Atlanta” has this special rhythm and vocal harmony that locks you in. Captivating lyricism and a bouncy rhythm make it difficult to stay stagnant while listening. Analyzing the production, it is layered with gorgeous guitar strums, basslines full of soul, and deep evocative vocals, amongst other impressive elements. It’s a unique track filled with exciting musical twists and a skillful production, “Take me to Atlanta, baby.”

Cycle by Peel

A mesmerizing listening experience emerges as you begin “Cycle” by Peel. Synth forward and bass-heavy, this track contains a remarkable production with influences of psychedelia, digitized electronic elements, and riveting lyricism. Punchy drums stay consistent until the bridge highlights the haunting vocals and hazy instrumental and then enters powerfully once again, “Cycle, cycle, only one that I know / Only one in my head.”

Waste No Time by Astels

Deep, sultry vocal hums begin the track off with anticipation until the groovy beat enters. With genre influences ranging from a multitude of options such as R&B or funk, “Waste No Time” has a perfect blend of soulful vocals over an upbeat funky melody. Each chorus will hype you up with every listen, leaving a memorable impression on the duo. A little electronic infused with groovy basslines, and steady drums, “Even if I tried, I don’t wanna waste more time / Oh you gotta leave.”

Bababababy by Cupnoodle

An uplifting feel-good track whose clever lyrics depict the excitement of adoration and going for what you want. An electric guitar enters the pre-chorus as the rhythm picks up and the jazzy horns in the chorus further create an exciting and fun track. Snaps and drums keep this lively track cheerful as the flirty songwriting curates a danceable melody, “Can’t believe the way you got me stuttering / Again and again, I know I’m overthinking / But I’m done done done hiding what I’m feeling.”

Right Spot by HoneyLuv

An electronic dance track that screams we’re ready for warm weather and shorter nights. This is a song that I can hear being played out late at a Brooklyn venue in the middle of June where everyone just vibes. With pulsating synths, polished percussion, and a fidgety bassline line, HoneyLuv’s alluring vocals bring you into a trance beside the quickened rhythm, “Find me at 2 am on the dote.”

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