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New Music Monday #41

Rather Be Lonely by DON WEST

Soulful and blue, deep alluring vocals entrance you to a musical paradise. A delightful love song with lyrics of devotion beside a heavy bass and slow tempo. Listening to “Rather Be Lonely” feels as though you're in a secluded underground jazz club sipping martinis. A gorgeous horn plays throughout with steady drums to keep the melody at bay, “What I would do to be next to you / I would climb the sun and the stars, steal you the moon.”

Losing Out by total tommy

Storytelling that paints the picture of deceit behind moody instrumentals. Whispered vocals hauntingly tell the story along a bass-heavy melody and thundering drums throughout. Lyrics tell the emotions behind holding a grudge against someone’s wrongdoing as a raging electric guitar ends the song powerfully, “Can’t make sense of your poor behavior / False pretense, you think you got away with it.”

crowd pleaser by TEHYA

As the first song released in her discography, “crowd pleaser” shows TEHYA’s idiosyncratic talent along with what to expect from her in the future. Her sound contains elements of digitized electronics and alt-pop, producing a unique song that's difficult to place into any box. The rhythm and tempo invite dancing with the catchy chorus to sing along to, “Head in my hands, just cautious.”

Nothings Into Signs by Casper Sage

Beginning the track off slow and steady with deep spoken vocals and strums from an electric guitar, “Nothings Into Signs” has lyrics that captivate you immediately. The rhythm switches up as the guitar continues to strum, but Sage’s flow picks up as gorgeous harmonies hum in the background. Consistent with a steady beat, the song’s writing is impressive as the rhythm begins to slow toward the end, “Feel the sky reaching for me / Ain’t the way I’ve been flying.” 

rodeo clown. by Casino Breakfast

A cheery melody and feel-good instrumentals blend perfectly with slightly raspy vocals. “rodeo clown.” has an infectious chorus that you can’t help but tap your foot and nod your head to. Guitar strums, quick drums, and distinctive lyrics produce a perfect alternative/folk track that ultimately gets stuck in your head, “I'm so sick of this cowboy, footing at my feet / Dance boy.”

she wants me too by wilt

With an invigorating sound and addictive instrumentals, “she wants me too” is a catchy upbeat track. Fast-paced drums start the song off strong as a piercing electric guitar enters smoothly. An indie rock/pop band creating music with honest lyricism that you can rock out to. Although buoyant, the song still contains moments of uncertainty producing something relatable and enjoyable, “I'll never think about it / Where things were headed, what fell through”.

what you doing? by MAR1ASOL

Soulful vocals pull you into a track filled with a special groove that cannot be recreated. A steady drum beat carries along a smooth percussion. Maria’s delivery of evocative lyricism and harmonies transport you to a more tranquil state of mind. The heavy bass incorporated with dazzling keys completes the song beautifully.

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