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New Music Monday #20

Superbloomer by Arcy Drive

New indie/alt song to obsess over, “Superbloomer” is endlessly playable with rich vocals and striking instrumentals. Just when you think you’re listening to a mellow song the drums thunder louder with the electric guitar evoking head nods throughout. With a sound that is reminiscent of The Backseat Lovers, Arcy Drive still holds a uniqueness both in their delivery of each instrument and in the production. This track, along with their new EP, Beach Plum feels like just the beginning of greatness in their journey of releasing music.

Sunday by Nautics

Groovy and effortlessly fun, “Sunday” contains all the elements necessary for a catchy indie track to sing along to. From the jump, the song is energizing with an electric guitar and sharp drums that wake you up. Distinctive vocals amplify the natural charisma that the song exudes, adding a liveliness special to Nautics, “Shout it out / My name sits pretty in your mouth”.

Collar of Truth by VIOLENT VIRA

Upon first listen, this track took me by surprise. With a steady guitar riff at the start and sung with airy vocals, “Collar of Truth” has songwriting filled with poignant feelings of the past. Rage, pain, and intensity are felt through VIRA’s screaming vocals and riotous drums overtaking the end of the song, “Forever my ghost, I’m your host / Stay my lover, my phantom”.

Houdini by Dua Lipa

Pop Princess, Dua Lipa, seems to be reinventing herself with the removal of her Instagram pics and the change in past album covers. “Houdini” is everything expected from her; confident, flirty, and sonic with a melody that completes the song to perfection. The tempo is quick and upbeat while also providing an 80’s pop vibe with synths adding that funky vibe, “Catch me or I go Houdini / Time is passing like a solar eclipse”.

I Believe In Love Again by Peggy Gou & Lenny Kravitz

The unexpected collab duo sparks conversation as the two have created a sound that’s beyond the typical genre pool and falls in a mixture of dance/house and R&B music. Rhythmic and mesmerizing, Lenny Kravitz and his iconic soulful vocals tie beautifully with Gou’s transfixing house production expertise. Her vocal addition is deeply spoken with the punchy bassline and electronic elements, “You’ve got my body and my spirit / Winter, spring, summer, or fall”.

Jasmine by Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks shares her rendition of Jai Paul’s “Jasmine”, an unfailing love song. Layered, eclectic, and complex, she has taken a bass-heavy track and filled it with beautiful silky vocals. The lyrics yearn for another and the way Parks conveys them while she sings further illustrates this with hypnotizing synthesizers and drums, “Melt my heart of stone / Make my dream come true”.  

Mother Nature by MGMT

Finally releasing new music after a year, MGMT’s new song is spacey and expansive. It begins with a lo-fi feel and imagery in the storytelling that sets the scene vividly. The bridge is filled with a repeating drum beat and an eerie electric guitar to match the cryptic lyrics. A mix of mesmerizing instrumentals and a harmonically rich production, “Mother Nature” is introspective and poetic, “Watch me running head-first into the thorns / It’s like the lights are off but somebody’s home”.

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