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New Music Monday #21

23 by Baby Queen

Vulnerability doesn’t come easy but with the writing in “23”, it almost seems effortless. Baby Queen writes about the experience of being in your 20s. News flash— it’s rough. She perfectly encapsulates the confusion, fear, and existentialism. Through this, the lyrics are also introspective and allow for self-understanding, “I can’t help myself it’s just the way I feel”. She mostly speaks through the dialogue of truth and softly sings through the chorus ending on an encouraging note, “Live a little bit, you’re twenty-three”.

Never Change (feat. Philip Bailey) by BJ the Chicago Kid

An absolutely breathtaking track that is infused with gorgeous instrumentals and smooth vocals that deliver lines with ease. Harmonizing between the two artists produces a soulful atmosphere surrounding you. With a heavy bass, glistening keys, and drums make the listening experience one that you wish would never end. The vocals melt beautifully with the lyrics, “Because seasons change / Nothing remains the same”.

My Mirage by Dakota Blue

A cool eclectic track that feels as though you’re traveling through time and space. The prominent bass that starts the song off feels mysterious as the drums begin to settle in. The entirety of the musical production creates an ominous feel aside the soft vocals. An electric guitar towards the song's end adds a longing sense to the repeating lyrics, “She’s my mirage”.

Blick by ScarLip

A song that’ll hype you up no matter when or where you listen to it. ScarLip’s gritty delivery with every line showcases her versatile style within her music. A fast-paced drum beat with drill components added to create a track that you can’t help but dance to. Through each lyric, you can hear passion and confidence along with clever lines, “Oh, he rattin? / We give him some cheese.”

Red Flags by Brittany Howard

Powerfully moving, “Red Flags” takes us through a journey of ignoring all the signs to leave a relationship that's leading nowhere. The distinctive sound of the track feels like gaining a sense of finality in what is no longer good for you. The bass is deep, the drums are lively, along with the other instrumentals that make the listening experience remarkably fluid, “Dreaming a way to keep from waking”.

APATHY (feat. Gregory Thomas Pease) by Babie Julez

Brutally self-aware, Babie Julez has written from a place of raw honesty. The heavy drums mixed with guitar riffs further make the pop-rock song feel as angsty as the lyrics. Her vocals are strong and assertive, demonstrating all the emotions put into the songwriting. Pease’s softer vocals enter the second verse and build up to the reflective chorus, “I get stuck in my own way / I feel lost, I still haven’t done anything”.

Loaded Quiet (Grown at Home) by Sam The Woo

Poetic and striking, Sam The Woo creates music that is unique in the way it sounds AND in how it makes you feel. Her ability to story-tell is vivid and imaginative, making you feel as if you are right there with her. More of a ballad, the instrumentals behind her vocals are beautifully enhancing every lyric she delivers “I left myself on repeat, watching windows from my childhood bed sheets”.

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