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New Music Monday #22

I Just Want To Wake Up With You by Helado Negro

His iconic soft echoed vocals begin the song with a groovy melody. The refrain being the song's title makes the meaning behind it self-explanatory; the comfort of being with someone special within the safety of domestic love. The track has a relaxed psychedelic feel to it and an electronic distortion that creates an out-worldly atmosphere while listening, “Islands seem lonely now / Float miles to see your face."

Sadie Hawkins Prom by Eyedress

The soft, sweet melody contrasts the eerie vocals which gives layers to the song’s production and meaning. Lyrically we delve into the concept of growing up, the fact that time doesn’t slow down but we still have to keep going. Quick-paced drums and cool guitar strums at the start evoke head nods throughout and as the song comes to an end the instrumentals become more intense. Possibly showing the inevitability of time only moving by faster as we age, “Take your time, don’t let it burn you out / Driving too fast, you gotta slow it down.”

More Than Happy by WILLIS

A track that contains all the elements needed for a perfect soft rock vibe. The electric guitar takes you on a journey beside the drums that begin slow and pick up during the chorus. The vocals are distinctly deep with a sense of longing behind them and the mix of instrumentals amplifies the confusing and consuming emotions, “How did this happen? / I thought I was dreaming."

Arrivals by Absolutely

The powerhouse behind the vocals in “Arrivals” is Abby Keen, an artist from the U.K.; someone to keep an eye on. This track is filled with intensity with the help of her strong vocals and the instrumentals that take it to another level. The harmonization with herself along with the catchy melody creates a song that cannot just be labeled under the pop genre. She brings so much more to the table lyrically and musically, “When I’m further from you than the moon / Oh, how much love can I hold?”

the girl (that you can’t get over) by Lili-Ann De Francesco

The vivid storytelling in the lyrics takes the listener through the heartbreak Lili experienced. Her vocals are smooth and precise while the lyrics cut deep. It’s a call-out but also a bad-ass pop anthem that's uplifting to those who have been left hurt. The chorus ends the song with a haunting spell, “Is that what you wanted / Kill what you started."

Tell Nobody by Essosa

With R&B notes, “Tell Nobody” has a pop/dance production that makes the song one to dance along to. The piano loop paired with the bass further makes the beat a perfect one to get down to. The song itself gives insight into the excitement of keeping your sneaky link a secret. Essosa is lyrically direct and vocally smooth, “The tension’s too much / I’ll move with you, ‘long as you, Don’t tell nobody."

Lonely Times by Keep Shelly In Athens

The genre-bending duo has created yet another ethereal track that feels mystically unique. The song-writing is fascinating with the distant vocals echoing in the back. Incredible drums thunder with an electric guitar humming alongside the other instrumentals. The lyrics make the listener feel inquisitive, but also entranced by the meaning,  “Wear my evanescent soul / Now she’s coming to rip it away."

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