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New Music Monday #23

Lover/Friend by KAYTRANADA & Rochelle Jordan

A slick beat with electronic elements makes up this new hit. Lyrically flirtatious and playful, Rochelle’s vocals are breathy yet commanding. The hypnotic club beat along with the catchy chorus makes this a song you could never get sick of, “No defenses, satisfaction / Stopped your heart, just to get a reaction.”

Stars by Tai Verdes

Metaphorically clever, ‘Stars’ by Tai Verdes has elements from various genres making it a track anyone would love. His lyricism creates a catchy lovable chorus with an infectious beat and instrumentals to vibe to. Unshakeable drum beats in the background highlight Tai’s rapping as it moves into his smooth singing of the chorus, “I see stars in your eyes sometimes / With a little pain and they washin’ away.”

Wish You Wouldn't by Kali Claire & Shaé Universe

It’s an in-your-feels song that begins with a gentle guitar strum and then transitions into a steady beat. The vocals flow together effortlessly while depicting the varying emotions that occur after a fight. The lyrical storytelling is detailed and truthful combined with a smooth production, “Rip at my feelings, you settle the fire
/ Till we were frozen in time, why you so good every time?”

Pedestal by Lime Cordiale

Dazzling synths carry the chorus with powerful drums in “Pedestal”. While the track’s title gives away its meaning, the lyrics further express this all-consuming emotion of putting someone above yourself. The guitar smooths out the production while the vocal “ooh's” completes the song. To end the track off strongly the instrumental breakdown is both exciting and impressive, “Now I don’t mean to be, a full cliché / It’s one hundred degrees when I'm in her shade.”

Cherry by Rubi Rose

Incredibly bold, Rubi Rose made a bad bitch anthem with a killer beat and confident lyrics. The track showcases her ability to write music that's amusing yet skillful while also uplifting the listeners. The song's hook is well-written and memorable making it a perfect new track for your playlist, “I ain't talkin’ ‘bout no groceries, it’s green up in my bag.”

Sun Jam- Live 6/17/2023 by Wild Blue Yonder

The variety of instrumentals coalesce creating a unique and unforgettable listening experience. The diligent use of each instrument is heard clearly throughout and expressed in different ways, which is what makes the band so special. At the 7-minute mark, we have a slower guitar strum and drum beat along with cool slick vocals that transition into expressive longing songwriting. The last 3 minutes have a lovely guitar riff and funky bass that ties the entire song together with the final lyrics, “I’m gonna run to the heart of the sun / I might live I might die but I’m sure gonna try in the heart of the sun.”

I’ll Never Leave by Sen Zacarias

Rich and powerful vocals create a tranquil listening experience worth the play. The lyrics beautifully describe devotion to one person with a sweet melody and beautiful harmonies. A jazz track filled with fascinating instrumentals and loving lyrics, “Baby, baby I ain’t goin' nowhere / Honey, honey I’ll always be near.”

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