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New Music Monday #24

Heart Shaped Locket by Shallow Alcove

The essence of nostalgia and desperately holding onto memories is beautifully encapsulated in “Heart Shaped Locket”. The soft vocals deliver the painfully raw lyricism in an alluring fashion, while a delightful guitar supports it. While the message of the song is incredibly powerful, and a sentiment we have all felt, it contrasts divinely with singer, Grace Krichbaum, gentle rendering, “Never have enough time for my scarcity complex / Every moment feels gone before it leaves me”.

When The Devil Speaks… by ThxSoMch

A genre-bending track that's filled with angst, honesty, and lively emotions. It’s perfectly energetic and intense, both lyrically and musically. It has this heavy drum beat and fast-paced melody that makes the track stand out more. Truly introspective songwriting mixed with his versatile performance creates an indescribable vitality, “I know you been moving out your mind, it’s to and from / Hoping that the leaves would change our colors.”

Coffee by Delilah Montagu

Devotionally honest lyrics alongside beautiful harmonies, ‘Coffee’ is a special song with an energy one cannot explain, but rather only feel. This unconditional love expressed through the lyricism creates a warm atmosphere while listening to Montagu’s sweet vocals. Soft guitar strums and steady drum beats during the chorus make the track all the more personal, “If you want me, I would be there in a heartbeat / Call me and I’ll bring you coffee.”

prettygrunge.wav by Artemas

An intoxicating electric guitar flows throughout with a reverb that adds a special depth to the song. The melody is enticing, to say the least, as Artemas’ vocals are deeply sultry and raw. While this is a different version of “if you think i’m pretty” by Artemas, this version’s vibe is more alt-rock and has a slower rhythm, “I know that you’re shitty and you’re bad for me, but I can’t stop thinkin’ bout it.”


Gracefully elegant, ‘OPENHEARTED’ transcends the usual R&B track by blending a variety of instrumentals with soothing vocals. A harp opens the track with piano keys floating through the song, while the lyrics express allowing emotions to guide you through life naturally. A mellow drum beat produces a unique sound with the twinkling strings, “We can’t escape / Won’t let our love evade us.”

Walked In The Room by Channel Tres

Exceptionally confident, ‘Walked In The Room’ is THE ultimate groovy dance track for the club. With a sustained melody, a quick beat, and sparkling synths, the song is catchy and energetic. The echoing vocals at the end extend the effortlessly cool vibe,  “I don’t think about it/Show up — I get to work/Don’t doubt me, baby, I kill the chaos with a smirk.”

Send It To Oslo by Sparky Deathcap

Sparky Deathcap has re-released his EP “Tear Jerky”, containing the unique indie rock tracks that you can’t help but replay. With a fun rhythm and distinctive lyrics, the melody elicits head nods. The songwriting keeps you confused while the blend of instrumentals keeps you engaged, “Life is just a quest to get rid of spare change / A change, you’ll change your mind.”

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