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New Music Monday #25

If You Run by Rec Hall

The perfect upbeat indie pop song with a catchy chorus and infectious melody. An interesting reminiscent vocal sound of Declan McKenna, their EP Localism still has a unique sound and enticing songwriting. A bass and clap rhythm starts the song off with strong drums entering alongside the almost echoed vocals. The lyrics display a feeling of trying to get away from your problems but struggling in the end. Head nodding through the track is the right way to listen, “But you don’t mind / loose ends have got you tongue tied.”

City on a Hill by Mon RovÎa

A gentle guitar strum plays throughout the song with Mon’s gorgeous vocals singing through heartbreaking lyrics. With a calming melody and light instrumentals, the track is eloquently healing. A folk alternative track delivering the message of enduring the trials and tribulations of life. It is beautifully simple yet dynamic and overtaking with emotion, “Can you be still? / There’s a void only silence can fill.”

u come near by bby

A complex and powerful track filled with varying instrumental elements. The track has crashing drums, an insane electric guitar solo at the end, and shouting vocals. As it begins slowly with a slight guitar riff it immediately jumps into a heavy bass and vocals that charge at you. The clever writing depicts the way a specific person can make you lose control of yourself. 10/10 track for headbanging…. “I can reach you, touch you, fall and need you / But if I’m gonna talk, then please don’t look in my eye.”

Madness by Terrace Martin & 24kGoldn

With a smooth mix of electronic and R&B genres, “Madness” encapsulates a multitude of intriguing features. A breathtaking saxophone enters about halfway through and synths carry over it creating a tranquil listening experience. A heavy beat and soft vocals by Martin reflect the introspection behind the songwriting– trying to stay at peace within life's chaos, “Lookin' in the mirror like 'What happened?”

Nothing Else Feels The Same by LOONY

A classic neo-soul core filled with a fusion of additional genres. Trickling keys enter the song with singer Kira Huszar's deep soulful vocals floating along the melody. A steady beat with beautiful harmonies meld together with the rest of the track's instrumentals. As the track ends with brass instrumentals, the feeling the song gives lingers afterward, “We pay whatever the fee is cause all of the cheap shit is never enough / No baby, there’s nothing in this world that feels like us.”

Moon Girl by Ha Vay

Dreamy and angelic, “Moon Girl” is bewitching with enchanting vocals. What sounds like wind chimes at the start of the song creates this nostalgic feeling while Lila softly delivers captivating lyrics. The melody is light and flowy with an uplifting drum beat and guitar riff. The song makes you freely move throughout each spellbinding verse, “Don’t mistake me / For the wind when she / Howls, howls”

Love To Walk Away by The Vaccines

Upbeat and catchy, “Love To Walk Away” is a classic indie-rock song with strong instrumentals. The short track has a deep bass, heavy drums, and a slick guitar. With a repeating chorus, the lyrics encapsulate the feeling of going after someone who is not returning the same energy. One of those songs that you know would get a crowd jumping, “We both know where this is leading / You love to walk away.”

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