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New Music Monday #26

Long Forgotten by flyingfish

Starting the song with a captivating electric guitar and then into collapsing drums, the listener is drawn in immediately. The song itself lacks having many lyrics– which are themselves poetically harrowing– but the instrumental elements shine brightly and speak for themselves. The strong electric guitar tells its own story filled with emotion while simultaneously overriding the very softly sung vocals, “As she’s long forgotten, her heart echoes throughout the clouds.”

Baby Blue by MiLES.

Upbeat and intriguing, “Baby Blue” is comprised of everything that a good song is. It is emotive, unique, and catchy, with alluring vocals varying in pitch and tone that pull you in. The melody is overwhelmingly addictive with a heavy bass, enticing lyrics, and a steady beat that carries on throughout the track, “Oh baby blue, I’m stuck here staring at your vibrant hue / I’ll ask your name, you’ll say ‘it’s déjà vu.”

Remind Me (feat. Hilda) by Lost Kings

An electrifying and contagious dance track by the iconic duo, Lost Kings. With an infectious digitized beat and riveting vocals, the song has layers of exciting elements. The songwriting expresses the dark and messy sides of love, within the jealousy and regret; but with the upbeat melody it inevitably is a song you can’t help but dance along to, “Mind me, remind me, losing you to find me.”

i’m sorry about last night by Ezra Bell

A devotional song expressing the unconditional love felt for another person. The melody is sweet and slow with horns in the back and drums rising creating this feeling of complete altruism. Ending with a beautiful composition of strings like the violin and a rising tempo, the lyrics are written beautifully producing a love song felt long after the track finishes, “Until the distancеs we'll wonder / Perhaps on all fours / But you arе mine and I am yours.”

Surface by acloudyskye

With a quick melody and exciting instrumentals, “Surface” feels like it should be in a coming of age movie. A unique voice behind the track is accompanied by intricate electric guitars, thundering drums, and an electronic switch to the music. The songwriting tells a story that feels too intimate to know, “And if you're there can you hear it / They're shooting flares in the distance / But they won't find a trace of us.”

Off and To the Side by Kabwasa

A chill jam perfect to play when starting the day or ending it! With a cool rhythm, strong keys, and a funky beat, “Off and To the Side” is a pleasant track filled with clever metaphors to reel you in. Soft harmonies and a catchy chorus further make the song one that's on replay with lyrics longing to be with one, “If I hold you down would you rock with me? / Or am I fabricating how you feel / I only wanna lay with you.”

Slow Burn by Infinity Song

Beautiful soulful vocals float throughout the track with elegant harmonies that complete the sound. A guitar strum is consistent while an electric guitar is faintly heard in the back as the bridge begins. Musically the song is light and airy with a rich vocal factor and engrossing lyricism, “Keep it going ‘til the morning / And the flames they keep on burning.”

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