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New Music Monday #29

yes, and? by Ariana Grande

Our deeply missed pop princess has returned to music with a completely new sound compared to her last album release back in 2020. Something exciting about this drop is the electro-pop/house beat Grande has implemented. The uplifting melody along with her lyrics warding off any critics, makes this song THE empowering anthem we’ve been anxiously waiting for. Bright synths, a groovy beat, and dazzling keys, “yes, and?” is the perfect comeback song, “Your business is yours and mine is mine / Why do you care so much whose d*** I ride?”

Sun/Son by Jhené Aiko

With beautiful harmonies and angelic keys, Aiko’s new release is dedicated to her son. Her lyricism has always been nothing short of profound, however, in this track the lyricism is a beautiful metaphor depicting her love and appreciation for her baby boy. Soulful vocals deliver the heavenly lines connecting the actual sun to her son, “Face to the clouds like a ray of love / No doubt about it, you charge me up.”

Dead Butterflies by Kid Bloom

A soft guitar strum, steady beat, and glittery synths carry the relaxed vocals throughout the track, taking the listener on a psychedelic trip. The song has a groovy feel while simultaneously delivering metaphoric lyrics that show the chaotic emotions felt after going back to an ex. Kid Bloom's vocals are gently sung alongside the mix of instrumentals that make the song as transformative as it is, “I bit the bullet but it bit me back (I guess I deserve that).”

Hang Me Out to Dry by Kyle Dion

Songwriting filled with truth, Kyle Dion’s lyrical prowess in being vulnerable is highlighted on this track. Soulful elements make up what the song is with a rich percussion lightly heard, soft guitar chords, and gentle drums. This paired with Dion's vocals sung in a higher register creates a catchy song, “Waiting all day in the sun for you / I hope it don’t rain in my point of view.”

Turn out the Light by Flamingos in the Tree

Indie rock band, Flamingos in the Tree, have released their title track EP, a track which makes me feel nostalgic for something I’ve never even experienced. “Turn out the Light” is a soft rock song about yearning for someone after the relationship has already ended. An electric guitar and thundering drums finish out the song, leaving a finality to its story, “Longing to be here with you / Only see shades of blue without you.”

if you didnt want me by Sipper

A hectic beat with pulsating synths, “if you didnt want me” is the frenzy techno song of the week. Beneath the chaos of the song, the lyrics delve into the theme of unrequited love while having the beat drop on hard-hitting lyrics. The contrast between the fast-paced rhythm and the dispirited songwriting creates an interesting vibe of an upbeat yet sad track, “Always letting you down / Never letting you go.”

Half of forever by Henrik

The message of dedication within the borders of love is greater than anything else. Lyrically and vocally powerful, artist Henrik has created a folk track that has booming drums and a strong guitar carried throughout. While the energy of devotion is understood through the lyrics, it is also felt through the melody and moving vocals, “Wherever you go / I’d give up half of forever (x2).”

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