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New Music Monday #31

eat me alive by alessi rose

A song embodying the burning feeling of having a crush. The metaphors embedded in the track brilliantly bring it to life with a contagious melody. Alessi’s vocals are demanding yet soothing while being layered during the chorus breaks. Intense drums further bring out the passion behind the song's meaning. A perfect pop track to scream along to if you also struggle with obsessive tendencies…, “I'd leave me for dеad if you ever said that you'd wanna be minе.”

Letting Things Go by Vulfmon and Evangeline

A soft track to play while getting ready in the morning to remind you that letting go is okay! Soulful sounds infuse the song with captivating keys and Evangeline’s relaxing vocals beautifully deliver lines of high self-regard. A steady beat keeps the song flowing with calming hums throughout, “So if you love me then let it show / Cause I’ve been getting good at letting things go.”

Maktub by Gary Clark Jr.

Genre-bending artists continue to capture my interest and Gary Clark Jr. is just the one to talk about. ”Maktub” contains a multitude of musical elements and instruments which go to make this song so special. An invigorating electric guitar strum begins the track strong with Jr.’s commanding voice. The production and songwriting further show his prowess in the musical world and how he continues to break boundaries, “You can't stop the message / Life's for sale, pay attention.”

See you soon by Wisp

A dreamy melody and airy vocals blended with devotional lyricism capture the feelings of one-sided love. Eerie guitar strums start and as the thundering drums enter, so does the whispered singing. Her lyrics are deeply vulnerable as she begs for more time with her specific person. As the tension of the song builds there is a breakdown of instrumentals that summons a plethora of emotions as she finishes the song with, “To fall so fast for someone who may never last.” 

One Night/All Night by Justice & Tame Impala

A collaboration where both artists’ musical expertise is unmistakably present. With Justice bringing in more of the funky techno elements, Tame Impala’s kaleidoscopic disco/pop dexterity creates a groovy musical blend. Basslines that feel perfectly overpowering are paired with bright synths making a psychedelic experience (on par with Tame Impala’s usual sound). It’s not entirely definable by one artists’ genre, which makes it more enjoyable.

HISS by Megan Thee Stallion

One thing about Megan is she does not GAF. Her lyricism is bold and proves her confidence, while also showcasing her songwriting talent. The track starts with just Megan rapping on top of an ominous piano key, but then the beat gradually speeds up, and so does her flow. In “HISS”, she is talking directly to all those who have been talking down on her name, and she seems to do it with ease. While the beat stays consistent, Megan switches up her flow and tempo throughout to keep up on our toes, “Every chance you get, bet your weak ass won't address me / Bitches swear they G, but the G must stand for goofy.”

Tightrope by Quarters of Change

Provocative electric guitars and roaring drums start the song off strong alongside clever lyricism. The songwriting is honest and delves into the situation of having to be okay with all the complexities of a relationship not working out. As the chorus builds the drums, guitar, and bass become more powerful further amplifying the passion. The last chorus with frontman, Ben Roter’s, captivating vocals and just the guitar riff complete the rock song in its entirety, “Resolute now to ignore / I stand there, ask that question / "What was it all for?"

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