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New Music Monday #32


Sonically mesmerizing, “You” is a gorgeous track about remaining faithful to one person. The vocal harmonies are heavenly and perfectly encapsulate the soulful energy produced. Guitar strums and a heavy bass mix seamlessly with the beat and alternating vocals. A chill track that contains many impressive musical elements creating a beautiful listening experience, “And I’m always in my own way / But I’m trying babe.”

Apollo by Slow Fiction

An enticing guitar riff draws you in as the track begins and lead vocalist, Julia Vassallo’s airy voice carries you to the end. In this track, the heavy drums, deep bass, and punchy guitar all match the energy of the sorrowful lyricism. I find the connection between the aggressive and upbeat rhythm with the track's title, “Apollo” (God of music, sunlight, etc.) beautiful. It depicts how the idealized version we create of someone is not real, that they are not a God after all, “And I always thought that I knew how to sing / But you were my voice, now I don’t know anything.”


Forceful, bold, and exciting all describe the new single by VENUS GRRRLS. An all-girl alt-rock band (already awesome) creating music that's in your face yet poised within its musicality. The lead vocals are seductive and powerful alongside piercing electric guitars, thundering drums, and enticing synths. The lyrics are intrepid, giving an empowering energy to the track, “An angel born upon the sky / I really wanna get to know him / He's so divine.”

Babe U Hear Thunder in Your Heart by Arsun

A melody reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Arsun has released a classic folk track with musical components of the blues. The songwriting is vivid and imaginative whilst telling a story with a twang of his guitar. Leaving room for guitar riffs and strong drum solos strengthened the energy of the song and showcased his unique talent, “Yes, you try to spit out the truth / But what dribbles down your chin / Ain't the truth in the end.”

train station tears by mela

Dreamy and hypnotizing, “train station tears” is an underground treasure. The vocal performance by mela is soft but moving, delivering lines of transparency. As the tempo slows down there is a consistent bass and trickle of keys hidden behind whispers. The outro is the hook slowed and echoed, ending on a spellbinding note, “Can’t get myself to stop mourning / it seems that this chapter is due / You know I never meant to disappoint you.”


A serene R&B track with impressive lyricism in the rap. LANDEL has perfected his craft in making profound art that is both enjoyable and inspiring. The skill in musicality is clear within the smooth transitions, rhythm, and vocal performance. Throughout the entire song, you can’t help but nod along and just vibe, “Swear they only love you when you living the life / Take a little time for just taking your time.”

Stones & Waves by Elias Hix

A deeply moving track that feels existential yet healing. Elias Hix has created a song filled with an intense musical production of melancholy and lyricism of dark symbolism. Echoing sounds of instrumentals rise along with the quickened pace of the acoustic guitar strum. His deep voice leaves you transfixed, deeply contemplating the lyrics, “Heavy arms and open wounds / Lone you stand on coast of laves / Stones are thrown, but we move like waves.”

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