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New Music Monday #33

loner by Night Tapes

A dreamy hypnotic sound engulfs you while listening to “loner” by Night Tapes. In the discomfort of solitude, the lyricism expresses that longing to be with someone. Punchy drums, a soft guitar, and airy synths cultivate this hazy atmosphere. The vocals are light and echoey which beautifully contrasts the darker lyrics, while the melody personifies the feeling of chasing after something, “All I had to do was ask you to stay here with me / All I knew how to be was lonely.”

Cool by Joely June

A soft indie pop track with introspective songwriting and a feel-good melody. Gliding acoustic guitar strums carry Joely’s resonant voice to the chorus as the rhythm progresses with an electric guitar. Profound drums intensify the energy of the track alongside her vulnerability shown within the lyricism. Sonically speaking the track has an infectious melody with impressive vocals that make you want to sing along, “I’m just a kid with a crush at school / and I’ll never be as cool.”

S!CK by The Warning

The song begins powerfully, with intense drums and an electric guitar riff thundering in. The title of the song is screamed into the mic throughout as the rest of the lyrics express discontent with their current reality. Vocals are rich and haunting with evocative songwriting that leaves a mark. The alt-rock production is passionate with an emphasis on turning a lackluster mindset into striking lyrical imagery, “Wanna taint the color ‘til it’s faded and gone / Bleeding just to feel alive.”

Dead Poets by FODÉ

What started as a parody song that went viral on TikTok, turned into a unique musical masterpiece! With lyrics that begin as confusing and quirky, slowly transition to intriguing storytelling. The track's guitar trickles in and the momentum picks up along collapsing drums and a heavy bass. High energy is excluded and sparkling keys create this special sonic experience. The outro features a voicemail and unified shouting from the trio, “You can pray for better days / But they won’t come, till you seize them / Carpe diem.”

I Wanna Go To The City by The Thing

Local NYC indie rock band, The Thing, recently released their new album The Thing Is, assembling a mix of lively rock tracks. “I Wanna Go To The City”  is dynamic and spirited with electrifying guitar solos and crashing drums. Vocals are strong as they fade in delivering engaging lyricism. Mid-way through the song there’s an instrumental build-up that only picks up as the lead vocalist's energy becomes palpable. The musical production immerses the listeners in the world of indie rock.

ice by Erika de Casier (feat. They Hate Change)

This track, filled with classic R&B elements, is about a person’s unpredictability in a relationship. The songwriting is open and honest, putting their heart out on the table. A smooth beat keeps the tempo mellow as They Hate Change enters with an assertive cadence confronting the wavering individual. An electro-distortion plays beside Erika’s softly sung vocals, “Hot and cold, you're so indecisive / Falling harder every time you ghost me.”

Words Better Left Unsaid by american woman

Alluring vocals captivate you deep into the song’s storytelling—another indie rock band filled with vitality and talent. Blistering guitar riffs and powerful drums play behind the lead vocalist, Cera Carino’s, longing voice. The melody is upbeat and catchy as the lyrics contrast a heavy tone with a deep bass backing it up, “Tell me you’re different now, You’ll never let me down.”

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