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New Music Monday #34

everything about her by Amie Blu

All that encompasses what a vibey song is, is shown in “everything about her”. Amie Blu’s delicate vocals create a tranquil listening experience whilst delivering raw lyrics of a toxic relationship and the lies within it. The trials and tribulations are showcased through the songwriting and the melody is addictive. Harmonies blend seamlessly with guitar riffs and a heavy beat that create a sonically beautiful track. The poise and control in her singing contrast the lyrics so creatively with instrumentals that make you nod along, “Turns out you're just like her, A liar / Did you forget? How she hurt you, Then blamed you.”

Now I Think of You Unspeakably by Nikita Lev

A dazzling song infused with a passion felt through the music itself. A lovely acoustic guitar strums behind the memorizing vocals of Nikita Lev. The songwriting invigorates the listener with the ubiquitous experience of feelings that you can't seem to get rid of. In the background, there are layers of harmonies that are soft and nostalgic, along with a deep bass that ties the song together, “how I’d talk about you so eagerly / now I think of you unspeakably /sardonic bravado I miss your laugh.”

Sequoia Tide by Evanora Unlimited (Feat. She Diamond

A distorted, rave/punk sound saturates the room in which “Sequoia Tide” is played. With piercing drums, disorienting synths, and dynamic bass, this track contains layers of production that show the musical dexterity of producer Yves Tumor. Repetitive lyricism that cuts deep, and expresses the longing for someone alongside a rhythm that warps you into another reality, “Like a clock you go round and round in my head / the absence of your light cast shadows on my bed.”

Wussup by CHEEYA

A track that’s so good words can’t really capture the feeling it evokes, so the only thing you can do is listen to it. Vocally strong, “Wussup” is a confident, hype-up song with a funky musical production. The chorus is addictive and the lyrics are charming; along with the drums, sparkly keys, and dazzling synths that make this track so special, “So complicated out on this river / I gotta swim in to see things clearer.”

Your Body by Misha, BeMyFiasco, Evil Needle

A slower, more sensual song that has been created within the collaboration of great talent. The R&B track has a deep bass, alluring vocals by BeMyFiasco, and a steady beat that keeps the passion of the song going. Lyrically, they do not hold back from describing the intensity of wanting to be with someone. The translation between the songwriting and the energy created sonically is moving, “Seems like it’s been a while now / I found a smile now.”

supernAtural by dye

Sonically unique, dye is an artist creating multi-faceted music that cannot be confined to just one genre. With harrowing drums enticing the listener, “supernAtural” contains a piercing guitar alongside the whispered vocals that feel haunting. The build-up to the chorus is slow and does not prepare you for the gritty belting as the drums come crashing in powerfully. In the outro, you hear a distant electric guitar and echoed vocals ending the song memorably. 

Devotion by Caius

This electronic house track contains layers of different elements in music to create a feel-good sound. The tempo is upbeat and groovy as the repeating lyrics continue through the musical journey produced by Caius. Beautiful keys trickle in and out as the vocals change from a soft to a deeper octave. The bass creates an infectious rhythm that only makes the listener want to dance more as the distortion settles, “You give us love and devotion.”

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