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New Music Monday #35

Stray by The Mysterines

The fierce alt-rock band from London has released an edgy track filled with mystery and intrigue. A guitar riff and heavy drums begin the song off on an intense note. The tempo quickens as the chorus begins with a piercing electric guitar and rapid drums fulfilling this rock-and-roll vibe. The guitar solos placed within, along with the echoed adlibs further sustain this enigmatic meaning of the song. The vocals paired with the captivating songwriting make for an unforgettable listening experience, “Another lesson learnt / A bit too young.”

Illusions by Jalen Ngonda

A voice that feels nostalgic with a timeless sound. In the genre of modern soul, Jalen Ngonda takes the cake for feel-good music with his own unique flair. Vocally, he is strong yet playful with a melody that continually gets better as the song goes on. Gorgeous horns captivate the listener's attention, with a powerful percussion section, and a riveting lyrical journey about the ability of the imagination to create a life with someone, “Illusions of (Illusions) / A life and love, I'll never know.”

gin and wine (ginuwine) by tg.blk

If you're looking for a song to fall for, look no further. tg.blk created a track filled with adoring lyricism, expressing the feeling of young love. The short track has a slow rhythm that allows you to take in the musical production of the song along with the soft airy vocals that transition into a rap verse. The instrumental elements of the deep bass, dreamy keys, and leisurely drums make this love song one that leaves an imprint, “She like gin and wine, girl you 90’s fine.”

NYC by Las Los

A jazzy song by new duo Paul Schalda and Max Shrager, who have produced a track full of tranquil energy and groovy instrumentals. A cool bass carries throughout as slow drums maintain the tempo and horns fill the space. The percussion is sweet and the guitar is inviting as soft vocals deliver a colorful lyrical story. A very chill track that’s melodic artistry is felt throughout the song as the repeating lyrics end and the instrumental break enters, “Drifting in the city (in the rain) x2.”

MONKI by King Isis

With varying musical influences, “MONKI” is a unique track that sonically expresses one’s decision to be their genuine self instead of appealing to expectations from others. A guitar strum invites the listener in as King Isis’ vocals deliver harmonies with a drum preparing to crash into the chorus. The angst is felt not only through the lyricism but also through their longing voice and impressive instrumentals, “Spare me from those awful sounds/ Oh baby, can he save you now?”

Love’s Graveyard by Aiyana-Lee

A compelling story told through song, with every emotion felt through the lyrics and the vocal performance. You are taken on a journey through the passionate songwriting told by Aiyana-Lee and her experience. The harmonies added within make the message all the more powerful with a haunting piano. The melody rises creating a dramatic feel as she transitions to rapping expressing her anger of being done dirty, “Never trust a man with your heart better lock it / He’ll steal it and say he got receipts he bought it.”

Everything We Tried by Geller and valentina cy

An electronic track infused with assorted digital musical elements and emotions sonically expressed. Starting off with a distorted sound that pulses through the listener, Geller’s vocals are layered in through airy synths and a fast-paced bass as the tempo speeds up with every delivery. As the beat slows, valentina cy enters with soft vocals, and the trickling digitized keys continue. The outro feels as if longing for something unfinished, as a string instrument plays till the end.

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